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Life at Operatix.

Operatix has been growing exponentially since its inception in 2012 and is a respected player in the Sales Development industry within B2B Software vendors across EMEA and North America.

Our people define our success and we pride ourselves in providing an environment where our team members can thrive and succeed in their careers, whilst also having fun.

We value our talent and have a strong ‘promote from within’ culture, where team members can grow their careers alongside the business.

Operatix is proud to have a eNPS score of +53, which is above the national industry average of +36. This score is used  to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty within the business – having one above +50 is considered ‘excellent’.

If you are looking for a fun atmosphere where your talent will be recognized, apply to join Operatix.

SOME OF the many benefits of working at operatix


We love to get together and celebrate the hard-work of our team members. Whether it’s a trip to Ascot Races, a boat party or dancing the night away at the annual Christmas party, fun is never far away when you work at Operatix. We can’t forget about the individual team trips out, either.


Our top performers are rewarded for their hard work by receiving an invitation to the annual President’s Club. Previous trips include sunny Rhodes and Cancun in glorious five-star resorts. You’ll be given a target to aim for and plenty of support to help get you on that plane.

incentives and clubs

As well as receiving financial bonuses as you climb our internal career ladder, we have a plethora of other incentives to reward you for your work. Not all of our incentive schemes are work-related, either. Take part in our Running Club challenges to be in for the chance of winning some swag.


Operatix is proud to have a ‘promote from within’ culture, providing you with all of the tools and training you need to develop your careers. Check out just some of the many people who have grown from SDR and beyond below.

we value people who want to grow

In 18 months, Operatix promoted 50 team members into leadership positions. This shows how much we value our talent and how much we invest in our people. We are looking for people that don’t just want a job, they want a career.


Meet some of our success stories below. 


Operatix Inifinity3

our Core Values.

Group 133


We do not cut corners and value delivering quality work and engagement.

Group 134


We are professionals in the way we present ourselves, interact with clients and our teams at Operatix.

Group 135


We take ownership of issues, accept and take responsibility for our actions.

Group 132


We do not fold at the first hurdle; we remain committed to our behaviours and will stand our ground.


As part of our dedication to accelerate the careers of our staff members, Operatix ensures that all of its employees has a clear pathway to reach their goals. 


You’ll be coached by our expert team of sales leaders to help you meet each step, ensuring you hone your skillset and confidence as you go. We have a strong focus on both personal and professional development, helping you set achievable goals and giving you the tools to reach them.



Dan SeabrookVP of Global Sales
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Operatix truly invests in their team members and will set them up for success. I’ve had the chance to progress in my role since 2015 up to where I’m now managing and leading Operatix’ Global Sales

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Sales Development Representative in Fleet - UK
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Great place to kickstart or accelerate your career in tech sales
Fantastic place to kickstart your career in tech sales. Generous uncapped commission, fun loving company culture, and a strong promote from within culture with great career opportunities. Operatix is the first place where my hard work has been immediately recognised, appreciated and generously compensated. If you are eager to make an impact, earn good money and progress your career, it’s a great place to be.
Sales Development Rep in Dallas - USA
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I had two offers on the table and chose Operatix. It was the right choice.
If you are new to sales or a seasoned business development representative, this company is really a great place to accelerate your career. There are so many ways to get promotions within the company and externally with companies that have a relationship with Operatix. I’ve had the best onboarding experience with mangers, mentors, trainers and directors of the organization all bending over backwards to help you succeed. If you want a career that will grow with you, Operatix is it.
SDR in Dallas - USA
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Great start up!
Great jump start to your career. They offer health insurance, 401k, incentives, PTO, weekends off, etc. The culture here is what makes coming in much more exciting as everyone is there for each other for support. Onboarding process was a pleasant experience. Everyone made me feel comfortable and made sure to answer any questions I had in regards to the position. They also give you the opportunity to grow within the organization. I am truly grateful for the fellow employees and the experience I had with this company. They want to HELP you!
SDR - Remote - UK
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Entering the software market
Great way to get into Software sales. The amount of support, training and coaching is incredible. I found it a little overwhelming in my first few weeks, but managed to pick things up quicky. Commission is good and achievable, I ended up hitting the top bracket in around 3 months.
Operations Manager in Fleet - UK
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Learn from the best and join a family
If you are determined and focused, Operatix will provide you with all the knowledge and tools to learn all the skills to be in IT sales and sales in general. If you want to progress through to management they have a program in place to do so. Operatix is the best place to develop skills to move on in the industry or internally. The family mentality to lift each other creates the most unique sales environment that you won't find anywhere else.

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From our Instagram.

BDRs & SDRs are the Handshake between Sales and Marketing and the lifeblood of our business.

Just a week isn't enough to demonstrate our appreciation for all our team members that are resilient, hard-working and dedicated to building pipeline for our clients.

Big applause to all SDRs/BDRs out there, and special kudos to all Operatix SDRs. 🙌💙


The holy month of Ramadan begins! ✨⁣

Ramadan Mubarak to all observing the holy month! 🌙 💫 🎇⁣

This is a period of great reflection, reconnecting with faith, generosity and peacefulness for millions across the globe.⁣

We wish you and your families a happy and blessed Ramadan!⁣

#ramadan #ramadanmubarak #ramadan2023

The FT 1000 list is now available in physical form in today’s issue of the Financial Times 🙌⁣

Operatix is incredibly proud to be featured in the annual ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, so of course we had to get a copy of our own 🚀⁣

Our EMEA Operation had an absolute growth rate of 177.4% from 2018 to 2021, seeing a significant increase in revenue as well as growing from a team of 44 employees to 156 during this period which has led to us being featured 📈⁣

We’re dedicated to developing our team further and investing in our talent, as well as expanding into different regions in the following years ⭐⁣

This achievement would not be possible without the hard work of our talented team!⁣

Head down to your local newsagents to grab a copy of the Financial Times, or read more on our blog!⁣

#FT1000 #sales #business #financialtimes #salesdevelopment #outsourcingsales #agencylife #salesandmarketing #marketing

⭐ Congratulations, Hannah Allen! ⭐⁣

We're proud to announce that Hannah, Operations Director here at Operatix, has been shortlisted for two Women in Business awards! 🎉⁣

Hannah has been nominated for both the Business Growth award and the Leadership award in the Women in Business category 🥳⁣

Please join us in congratulating Hannah, who deserves recognition for all of her hard work and dedication during her five years at Operatix 🍾

#womeninbusiness #BAUK #businessawards #salesteam #salesandmarketing #awards #success #womeninsales

🙌 EXCITING NEWS - Operatix has been featured in the #FT1000 , an annual ranking of Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies 🙌⁣

The FT 1000 is an annual compilation by the Financial Times, ranking European businesses that have seen significant growth and expansion⁣

Operatix had an absolute growth rate of 177.4% from 2018 to 2021 in our UK office allowing, seeing incredible revenue increase and expanding from 44 employees to 156 during this time 📈⁣

We’re incredibly proud to be featured on the list and are dedicated to developing further by investing in our people, as well as expanding into different regions over the coming years ⭐⁣

For more insight into our placement on the FT 1000 list, read our press release on our website⁣

#financialtimes #salesdevelopment #marketing #business #agencylife #salesreps #sdr #sales #salesandmarketing

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! 🙌⁣

The idea behind Random Acts of Kindness Day is simply to encourage people to be kind to each other by performing good deeds for no particular reason. A little kindness can go a long way, and it’s contagious! 💕⁣

So, with that in mind, Ope-RAK-tix (see what we did there 😏 ) wants to see how far a couple of acts of kindness can cascade. A couple of the team have been selected and will receive a random act of kindness from the People team soon! 💥⁣

We’ll ask them to pay it forward, which simply means they repay the kindness by doing a good deed for someone else. In this way, we can help spread kindness all around. Kindness increases positivity and helps create a sense of connectedness. ✌⁣

So, if a random act of kindness hits you, please pay it forward and share the positivity! Regardless of if you’re a member of the Operatix team or not, try going out of your way to make someone's day this week. ⁣

Ideas could include; buying their coffee ☕, bringing in cake for the team 🎂, treat someone to flowers 🌺. But ideas don’t need to have a cost; you can write a complimentary note to your co-worker 📃, give a hand with a particular piece of work to someone who needs it 📞, or simply inspire someone with a good book, article or podcast 🎉 .⁣

Let’s see how far we can pass kindness around Operatix and beyond! ✨⁣
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Current Opportunities.

Business Development Representative – ANZ Market
Sales Operations Lead – Dallas
Dallas, Texas, US
Sales Executive
Home Based
Sales Development Representative
Fleet, Hampshire, UK
Sales Development Representative
Dallas, Texas, US
Sales Development Executive
Dallas, Texas, US
Sales Development Representative – Remote
Remote, TX
Sales Development Executive – French
Account Manager – German
Home Based
IT Lead Generation Specialist – German
Home Based

Channel Transformation

Digital transformation is changing how companies buy and use business solutions, making vendors re-assess the capabilities of their channel ecosystem. With channel dynamics in constant flux, vendors need to be ready to cut ties with partners that don’t share their vision or have connections with the right B2B buyers.


Operatix has supported numerous vendors in their path to Channel transformation by assessing current partners and recruiting new partners that are more aligned with their new channel strategy. Once the right partners have been identified, Operatix built scalable outbound sales development programs that accelerated their routes to market.

Inbound Response Management

In a competitive industry like technology every lead counts. Operatix can help you maximize conversion from MQL to SQL and from lead to pipeline, increasing both your revenue and ROI on marketing activities.

Account Identification

Identifying the accounts that are more likely to buy from you is part of our expertise. We will research the market, identify verticals and industries that can benefit from your solution and set up qualified sales engagements for your teams to kick-off the sales process. 

Cold Prospecting

Our team will identify new sales opportunities within the strategic accounts that you haven’t been successful in penetrating through your sales & marketing efforts. By applying the ‘Challenger Sale’ methodology we use a tailored, multitouch approach to connect with prospects, generating qualified sales engagements for your team and ultimately increasing your pipeline.

Outbound Sales Development

Using a proactive outbound sales approach has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to engage with prospective customers. By applying the ‘Challenger Sale’ methodology we use a tailored, human approach to getting in touch with prospects to increase your qualified sales engagements and ultimately generate more pipeline.

Outbound Sales Development

Using a proactive outbound sales approach has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to engage with prospective customers. By applying the ‘Challenger Sale’ methodology we use a tailored, human approach to getting in touch with prospects to increase your qualified sales engagements and ultimately generate more pipeline.

Partner Concierge Service

Our Partner Concierge Service helps vendors accelerate their channel programs, by engaging and nurturing channel partners and supporting them to get to revenue quicker.

Demand Generation

Whether you need to implement a demand generation strategy or get more results out of your existing demand gen engine, Operatix can work alongside your marketing team to yield better results out of your demand generation programs.

Account-based Marketing

An Account-based Marketing strategy is only as successful as the revenue it generates. At Operatix we will support your 1:1, 1:few or 1:many approach to get your team in front of decision makers in the accounts that matter the most to you. 

Lead Qualification

If your marketing leads aren’t converting, it might be a lead qualification issue. Operatix can help sieve through leads that need further qualification, so they are ready for an AE or sales team member to engage with.

Account-based Selling

At Operatix we will support your 1:1, 1:few or 1:many approach to get your team in front of decision makers in the accounts that matter the most to you. 

Pipeline Generation

Generating Pipeline for our clients is our key-objective. And we do that by using a multi-touch, multi-channel approach to generate qualified sales engagements for our customers’ sales teams.   

Account Intelligence / Deep Dive

Understanding buying centres, hierarchies and relevant personas in strategic accounts is a fundamental step to increase conversion rates. By leveraging account intelligence in a sales conversation your team can tailor their message and provide value to their prospective customer. But sales & marketing teams often struggle to dedicate time and resources to do the deep research and this is where Operatix can help.

DMID – Decision Maker Identification

Finding quality data is an on-going challenge for B2B Tech vendors. The accuracy of data platforms is questionable and that is why Operatix developed a manual process to identify & verify contact details for decision makers within strategic target accounts.

Playbook design

Operatix can develop Sales Playbooks that enable teams to sell more effectively. Your Playbook will be fundamental to get your messaging right, accurately position your solution against competitors, and adapt the communication of your value proposition to different buyer personas.

Recorded Testimonial: RXVantage

Fill in the form below and receive the recorded testimonial of Jeremy Gilman. 

Recorded Testimonial: Qualys

Fill in the form below and receive our recorded testimonial from Joerg Vollmer, the General Manager at Qualys.

Recorded Testimonial: Incorta

Fill in the form below and receive the recorded testimonial of Emily Lewis. 

Sales Playbook Development

Operatix can develop Sales Playbooks that enable teams to sell more effectively. Your Playbook will be fundamental to implementing the correct messaging, accurately position your solution against competitors, and adapting the communication of your value proposition to different buyer personas.

Lead Qualification

If your leads aren’t converting, it might be a lead qualification issue. Operatix can help filter through leads that need further qualification, ensuring that they’re ready for an AE or sales team member to engage with and progress through the funnel. 

Partner Portal / Marketing Concierge Service

Vendors often spend thousands of dollars building multifunctional Partner Portals to help channel partners educate their teams, manage opportunities, and create marketing programs. Still, these portals are often underutilized due to lack of bandwidth and capacity from vendors to offer support in enabling their partner community. Operatix, through their Partner Development team, can support your partners to make the best use out of your partner portal, managing the relationship with your partners and helping them set up co-marketing campaigns to drive more revenue for both businesses. 

Marketing & Sales Alignment

The sales development function is often seen as the “glue” that brings sales & marketing teams together. By working as an extension of your teams, Operatix will be your predictable source of pipeline, sales & revenue.

Optimization of MDF

Market Development Funds are an important component of any channel ecosystem, though vendors believe they are not maximizing the return on investment they should be getting from their MDF programs. At Operatix, we build scalable outbound sales development programs that will give you the visibility of return over the invested spend and will provide clear value for your channel partners.

Increase Partner Productivity

The 80/20 rule is still very applicable to the channel, which means that investing in partner productivity should be a priority for vendors looking to grow their businesses. Operatix can increase partner productivity and shorten sales cycles, by identifying ready to engage sales opportunities for your most valued channel partners.

Virtual Channel Account managers

Our VCAM team is responsible for building, maintaining, and managing sound relationships with current and prospective channel partners. They can get involved in opening up new sales conversations as well as closing small businesses up to $ 10k.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Activation

Whether your business decided for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 distribution model, Operatix can help your channel partners get to revenue quicker. By providing qualified sales engagements to your channel partners we can accelerate your route to market with tangible and easily measurable results.

Solution Selling Training

Far too often vendors insist on enabling their channel partners to talk about features and technical details of their solutions. Customers don’t buy features; they buy the benefits your solution can bring. Operatix will work with your partner community to train them in articulating your message from a high-level business perspective, enabling them to talk to prospects about the value your solution can bring to their company from a board-level perspective.

Channel Enablement

Enabling your channel partners have measurable wins for your business when done right. Operatix has a proven track record in enabling channel partners from a sales & marketing perspective, providing them the knowledge and tools to successfully pitch your solution and sell the value & benefits of it. 

Partner Recruitment

Recruiting the right Channel Partners is the first step for a successful channel program. Operatix has helped over 350 B2B Software vendors recruit suitable channel partners across EMEA and North America, supporting them to scale and expand their presence in different geographies and verticals. 

Risk/Reward Business Model

To truly work as an extension of our client’s sales & marketing teams, we have also adapted our business models to show how our clients operate, and how their success is measured. With our risk/reward business model your investment is proportional to the results our team delivers.

Sales Qualified Leads

On average, 52.5% of the sales engagements set up by our team progress into a next step in the sale process. That means that 5 out of 10 meetings will progress either into a POC, a Demo or a pipeline opportunity.

Geographical Scale

Trading in different geographical markets not only requires a knowledge of the native language, local rules & policies, but a deeper understanding of the local culture and habits. We have the ability to deliver campaigns in multiple countries with flexible resource allocation. This is through our team of international speakers, who have the ability to sell in 17 different languages across the globe.

Increase Revenue & Decrease Cost

Building an internal sales development team comes with many additional costs and challenges that aren’t always taken into account: recruiting resources, training and enabling them etc. You also need to take into account the need for having the data and tools to make them successful, which in turn requires time, capital and effort. By outsourcing your sales development to Operatix you will see your revenue increasing, while decreasing costs and business risk.

Predictable Pipeline Generation

On average, our clients see a 26X ROI on the programs we deliver. By understanding your revenue targets and sales pipeline gap, we will work on a sales & marketing plan that will deliver tangible results.

Vertical Growth

Entering new industries or launching new product lines? Operatix can accelerate your growth by supporting your go-to-market strategy, and getting your sales teams in front of decision makers in key target accounts.

Reduce Headcount

By outsourcing your sales development and partner programs to Operatix; we reduce headcount and the challenges that come with managing people, technologies, and processes. We take care of your sales development, so you can focus on what matters the most: growing your business.

Revenue Acceleration

Operatix helps your business get to revenue quicker. By providing qualified sales engagements for your direct sales team (to kick-off new sales cycles), or by accelerating the growth of your channel partners, our focus remains on delivering tangible results for your business. 

Persona-based Selling

Operatix team will design specifically tailored messages to influence the different levels of decision makers in the sales process, tailoring the communication according to each job function. Our focus is to sell the value of your solution from a business perspective, not its features.    

Recorded Testimonial: Bitglass

Fill in the form below and receive our recorded testimonial from Aya Fawzy, the former director of Bitglass.