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1 referral = 25 Trees planted

Deal closed = 100 Trees planted

Operatix Forest
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join our referral program
& help save the planet

Operatix is on a mission to build a better world for our future generations. With that in mind, we have decided to plant 25 trees for each business referral we receive.


1 referral = 25 Trees


If the referred company closes a deal with Operatix, 100 more trees will be planted to grow the Operatix Forest.


1 deal closed = 100 Trees planted


We partnered with Ecologi, an organization that supports reforestation programs around the world by planting trees, as well as removing CO2e from the atmosphere.

They will make sure that all donations are turned into trees, so that we can grow the Operatix Forest.

Operatix works with B2B Software vendors in various verticals: Security, Big Data, Infrastructure, Storage, Cloud, FinTech, HR Tech, MarTech, etc.



We support established vendors, as well as fast growing start ups – who are looking to scale and grow. 



The personas that typically seek our support for their pipeline generation challenges are VPs of Sales, Chief Marketing Officers, CEOs, VPs of Regions, Channel Leaders, etc. 


Operatix works with B2B technology companies who have long and complex sales cycles, a high-value proposition and a focus on medium to large accounts.



We help them to accelerate sales cycles, increase their average deal value and close more business.



Our approach combines a mix of account-based marketing and account-based selling activities. Our team are experts in networking with organizations, in order to identify decision makers and set up the initial sales engagement between our client’s sales team and their prospects.


Ready to Recommend our services and help grow the Operatix Forest?

Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies

Send your referral on the link below and we will be planting 25 trees on your behalf. 

Operatix Referral Program

Use the form below to refer us a company that could use our pipeline generation services. For each referral, we will plant 25 trees on your behalf to help save the plant.