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Inbound leads not converting? You could have a qualification issue holding you back. Say goodbye to missed opportunities by outsourcing your lead qualification process. Our thorough qualification process ensures that your team will concentrate on prospects who have genuine potential to move through the sales funnel and convert into paying customers.

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Why inbound lead qualification?

Inbound lead qualification allows your team to prioritise leads with the highest probability of conversion, enhancing the productivity of your sales team. This strategy filters through leads that may need further qualification before an AE or sales team engages with them, streamlining your sales efforts by focusing on the most promising prospects. 



Nobody wants to waste valuable resources on leads that aren’t a good fit, or simply don’t have much potential to turn into a paying customer. By identifying and prioritising those with a high likelihood of conversion, you improve the overall closing rate of your team while maximizing productivity.

The Operatix Approach to Inbound Lead Qualification

In a competitive industry like technology every lead counts. Operatix can help you maximize conversion from MQL to SQL and from lead to pipeline, increasing both your revenue and ROI on marketing activities.



Our team can help sieve through leads that need further qualification such as ones generated by tradeshows, webinars, content downloads, intent platforms, or that have been sitting in your nurture track for a while, ready to be reengaged. 



By taking an outbound approach to inbound leads, we not only qualify them in or out, but we engage with multiple decision-makers on the accounts that have shown intent, to maximise the outcome. 



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Leaders in the B2B Software Industry

With a dedicated team boasting extensive experience in the B2B technology sector, Operatix possesses deep insights into your target market and the challenges they face.


This expertise enables us to better understand your ideal customers and ensure they are processed correctly during the lead qualification process, giving you better insight into where they are within the sales cycle.


Operatix is a leading expert in the field of inbound lead qualification, particularly catering to the unique challenges faced by B2B SaaS vendors. In this industry, navigating through lengthy sales cycles and intricate buyer journeys can be quite demanding – something which generalist agencies may not be equipped to handle. However, Operatix specializes in managing these complexities and delivering outstanding, tangible results time after time. 


How Our Inbound Lead Qualification Services Work

Inbound lead qualification services that accelerate conversions

Our team of experienced sales professionals will work with you to determine your ICP, goals and challenges, working as an extension of your internal efforts. From here, we ensure to have the right conversations with the right people, asking qualification questions to gain an understanding of budgets, pain points and their readiness to move forward. This process allows us to disqualify and qualify leads, ensuring your time is spent focused on those who have a real chance to convert. 


By eliminating unsuitable prospects early on and flagging those with a high likelihood of conversion, your sales teams will have more meaningful engagements. Other leads can be put into nurture campaigns, helping you engage until they are ready to move through the sales cycle.

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Global coverage with multilingual teams

Our experienced team empowers your sales engine, working as an extension of your current sales and marketing team to increase pipeline and accelerate growth. While our offices are located in the UK, US and Singapore, our services expand well beyond these locations.


Covering over 20 languages, our multi-lingual team of native speakers can help you successfully tap into new markets, including APAC, LATAM, EMEA & North America. The team’s strong comprehension of cultural differences and policies ensures they have the knowledge required to overcome challenges unique to each country.

Benefits of outsourcing Inbound Lead Qualification Services

How can our inbound lead qualification teams help you?

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Outsourcing your inbound lead qualification efforts to Operatix allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of our specialist team. We have a wealth of experience in identifying and qualifying the best opportunities, as well as all of the tools necessary to do so. Tap into the best B2B software SDR teams the industry has to offer in a highly flexible and scalable manner.

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Lead qualification allows your team to shift their focus entirely onto the leads that have a higher likelihood of converting, ensuring all of their energy is spent nurturing the right prospects. This, in turn, increases engagement and conversion rates in a more efficient manner.

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Focusing on lead qualification provides valuable insights into your inbound leads, which offers an idea of the effectiveness of your marketing channels, branding and market awareness. Insights include demographics, behaviours, type of engagement and position within their businesses. Identifying such data can assist you in optimising your lead generation strategies and figuring out if you’re drawing in the right people.


Lead qualification involves filtering and prioritizing prospective customers based on their needs and level of interest in a service. Outsourcing this service means a business will do this on your behalf, handing over a list of leads to ensure these are engaged with quickly and effectively.

Outsourcing inbound lead qualification provides access to the latest tools and technologies, as well as a team of experienced sales development representatives. By leveraging the experience of seasoned professionals, your teams can focus on closing deals. Plus, outsourcing any part of your sales process allows for increased scalability and flexibility in comparison to growing an internal team.

Operatix exclusively works with B2B SaaS vendors, giving us a deep understanding of the sales and marketing dynamics of this industry. Our expertise spans various sectors including cybersecurity, big data, IoT, cloud, storage, HR tech, FinTech, MarTech, etc. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, we serve businesses of all sizes with tailored solutions designed to accelerate growth and revenue.

For more information about our lead qualification services, please get in touch with our team via email at Alternatively, click here to fill in a contact form.

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Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies