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Looking to accelerate pipeline or enter new markets across America, EMEA or APAC?

With Operatix’s outbound sales development programs you can reap the benefits of high performing Sales Development teams without the headache of hiring, training and ramping up SDRs.

OUTBOUND Sdr agency TRUSTED BY over 800 B2b software vendors

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Outbound Sales Development brings more predictability to your sales funnel, allowing you to take a proactive and personalized approach to building Pipeline, rather than relying solely on inbound leads.


Utilizing a proactive outbound sales development strategy is key to penetrating key accounts and markets that matter the most to your company.


Teams will have a greater level of control over who they interact with, reaching out to companies that may not otherwise come across your solutions.

The Operatix Approach
to outbound sales development

Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies

Operatix uses a targeted, multi-channel approach to pipeline generation. This includes thorough account and persona research followed by tailored outbound prospecting, targeted email outreach, and social selling.


Our high performing 300+ SDRs are based across our locations in the UK, USA, and Singapore, being knowledgeable of the local markets and native languages. 


Best-of-breed data and technology partners are leveraged to bring scale and efficiency to the teams, providing the right balance between technology and human touch.   

Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
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Definition of target accounts, markets & relevant personas

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Account Mapping & Decision Maker Identification

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Identify buying centers, pains & challenges & needs

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Multichannel outbound prospecting

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Nurture Long Term Opportunities

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Weekly and monthly review of results, tracking of ROI.

over a decade of experience in
outbound sales development

With over ten years of experience, Operatix has worked with more than 800 B2B Tech vendors across the globe to implement and drive their outbound sales development engine.


Our global team of sales professionals are experts in the world of B2B SaaS, ensuring they know exactly how to handle complex sales cycles and navigate multi-persona buying centers.


Operatix collaborates with your sales and marketing teams to define key target accounts before using a multi-channel approach to kickstart a conversation. 


Our experienced team will understand your value proposition, identify and engage your top priority accounts and get you in front of decision makers, so you can keep fuelling your sales pipeline with quality opportunities.



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Global coverage with multilingual teams

Our experienced sales representatives empower your sales engine, working as an extension of your current sales team to increase pipeline and accelerate growth. While our offices are located in the UK, US and Singapore, our services expand well beyond these locations.



Covering over 20 languages, our multi-lingual team of native speakers can help you successfully tap into new markets, including APAC, LATAM, EMEA & North America. The team’s strong comprehension of cultural differences and policies ensures they have the knowledge required to overcome challenges unique to each country.

Benefits of outsourcing sales development


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Training a team to deal with the long and often complex sales cycles on B2B SaaS can be a time-consuming and expensive process.


By collaborating with Operatix, you get instant access to experienced sales talent that are fully trained in outbound sales development strategies. Not only is this going to increase your chances at success, but also your speed to market – all while lowering operational costs.

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Outsourcing your outbound sales development strategy will allow you to tap into new markets and client pools, both of which are essential for growth.


The multilingual team at Operatix are expert in selling in APAC, LATAM, EMEA, and North America. Experienced in finding key account holders within your ICP, our SDRs pitch your service to the right people at the right time.

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Every business journey can be unpredictable, and there may be times in which you need to scale up resources or scale down at times.


Outsourcing sales gives you flexibility, allowing you to respond to demand and market need.


Operatix can help you levage market opportunities and scale at the required pace to maximize success.



Equipped with a talented pool of specialist sales and marketing professionals, Operatix assists B2B software companies in achieving their pipeline and revenue targets. 


Whether you’re a start-up breaking into a new market or a blue-chip technology vendor, our tailored services are designed to accelerate growth and help you scale faster. 


Your dedicated team at Operatix will work as an extension of your sales and marketing teams, driving revenue and securing pipeline within key accounts, for a fast route to market. Thanks to their thorough multichannel approach, over half of all sales engagements set up by Operatix progress toward a POC, demo, or a pipeline opportunity. 


With our outbound sales development services, we’ll ensure your message is driven and delivered effectively so no opportunity is missed.

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Each business is unique and should be treated as such – which is why a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work. Our outbound sales development services are tailored to your specific brand, goals, and target market, delivering the right messaging to the right people to help you hit beyond your sales target.


Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the many great reviews from those who have tried and tested our tailored outbound sales development services.


Outbound sales development is where a sales representative contacts a prospective customer first to pitch a product, rather than waiting for these leads to get in touch first. Therefore, the main difference between inbound and outbound sales is who initiates contact first.


Both inbound and outbound sales development play a vital role in attracting, engaging, and converting customers. The choice between the two methods depends on factors such as the type of business, target audience, industry dynamics, and goals.


Inbound strategies attract and engage potential customers through content, SEO, and nurturing, boosting brand awareness via thought leadership and marketing strategies. Outbound sales development, on the other hand, focuses solely on proactive outreach via methods such as cold calling, email campaigns and social media outreach. 

We recommend a balanced approach, utilizing elements on both inbound and outbound sales development in tandem. This will maximize reach, optimize lead generation, and help increase conversions for businesses.

Developing an effective outbound sales strategy requires careful consideration and strategizing. This includes defining an ICP, choosing methods of outreach, deciding on metrics to measure, onboarding a team and ongoing development. Overall, developing an outbound sales strategy requires both time and financial commitment, as well as an ongoing adjustment as the market changes.


By partnering with Operatix, you can leverage our expertise and knowledge of both outbound sales development and the software market. We’ll develop an outbound sales strategy tailored to your goals and customer base.

Sales outsourcing offers expertise, cost savings, scalability, access to tech stacks, faster time to market, increased flexibility, and risk mitigation. You’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced, readily-trained sales professionals with shorter onboarding processes.

Outsourcing part of your sales function isn’t just for those who do not have a team of their own. In fact, 70% of our clients have internal SDR or BDR programs. Operatix can work in collaboration with your internal teams, helping to accelerate results. From expanding into new territories to working on accounts your teams aren’t equipped to penetrate, we’re here to help.


Operatix works solely with B2B SaaS vendors, ensuring our team are specialised in dealing with the complex sales cycles of this industry. Typically, we work with clients operating within cybersecurity, big data, IoT, cloud, storage, HR tech, fintech and martech. Whether your business is a large enterprise or an emerging start-up, we’ll provide a tailored outbound sales development program that suits your specific requirements.


Our sales team are more than happy to assist in any queries. Please get in touch directly via email at sales@operatix.net. Alternatively, click here to fill in a contact form.

Accelerate Pipeline with Operatix'S Outbound sales development programs

Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies