Elastic – Outsourced Sales Development Reps (SDR)

A fast-expanding open source technology company headquartered in Los Altos, California. Elastic is rapidly becoming the world’s most popular open-source search solution that is embedded in mission-critical applications.

The Challenge

  • Elastic is growing quickly and had the choice to recruit an SDR (Sales Development Rep) team internally or outsource to experts. Elastic also needed to serve their customers across multiple locations in both North America and Europe. 
  • Elastic wanted a partner that could demonstrate a return on investment quickly, provide flexible resources who could understand technical products and could become an extension of Elastic’s inside sales team.
  • A large number of inbound leads are generated each month and need to be qualified and turned into opportunities. This is typical from open source companies where monthly software downloads are high but does not reflect potential buyers. 

The Goals

  • Deliver immediate results and increase the conversion rate from inbound leads.
  • Provide inbound response management and deliver consistent results across different territories, cultures and languages.
  • Understand the value of each opportunity, the technical and business context and the decision-making process for each qualified account.
  • Support an established and growing sales organization with an increasing number of qualified sales opportunities. 

The Solution

  • Inbound response management: qualify in or out inbound opportunities from free downloads, whitepaper downloads, webinar attendance, etc.
  • Identify the decision makers within each account.
  • Communicate and support each prospect with relevant collateral to progress the sales process.
  • Communicate Elastic’s technical and business value to each prospect in the evaluation process.
  • Direct each prospect to the most relevant source of information to support their development process.
  • Manage the hand-off from SDR to sales and nurture longer-term opportunities alongside Elastic sales and marketing team in a multi-touch approach.

The Result



sales qualified opportunities identified in 5 months



of opportunities progressed to full sales cycle




qualified pipeline created in 5 months

  • Identified 280 sales qualified opportunities (SQLs) in 5 months.
  • 62% of opportunities progressed to full sales cycle.
  • Delivered in excess of $200k in closed sales in 4 months from a cold start.
  • Created in excess of $2.5 million in qualified pipeline created in 5 months.

Being an OpenSource company, we are generating a lot of Software trial download, but most of them will not lead to a sale. Operatix supported us in sieving through a large number of inbound inquiries to only filter back to our team the real and qualified sales opportunities

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