Quantum – Outsourced Sales Development Reps (SDR) & C-Level Engagement

Quantum is a leading expert in scale-out storage, archive and data protection. Primarily their goal is to provide an industry-leading solution for protecting and preserving data across physical, virtual and Cloud environment.

The Challenge

  • We needed to find a partner who had a technology focus and experience of working within the storage and backup vendors field
  • We needed the ability and flexibility to scale up to new geographies and develop programs at the EMEA level
  • We were looking for a pro-active partner, a company with a flexible business model. Operatix had a business model based on delivery pipeline and revenue which was perfect for us
  • The ability to work in our CRM system directly
  • We lacked the resources to follow up on dated and new inbound leads and needed the support to manage and qualify these promptly

The Goals

  • Acting promptly to manage and qualify leads generated by various marketing activities
  • Being able to go through a backlog of leads as well as dealing with new activities 
  • Identify the right contacts in each organization from the inbound inquiry. Most of the time the inquiry is not made by decision-makers.
  • Generating and driving attendance to relevant industry events
  • Relationship management – maintaining contact with and nurturing current relationships to encourage up-sell, cross-sell, contract renewal and customer retention
  • Raising the profile and brand awareness of the entire portfolio of products offered

The Solution

  • Manage inbound lead qualification of aged leads from past Quantum marketing activities as well as new leads being generated by Operatix’s activities.
  • Identify decision makers and influencers that made the enquiry, targeting the key individuals and ‘C’ level contacts.
  • Multi-touch nurturing process for the full sales cycle of the leads generated through events.
  • Provide support and resources to follow up on leads and opportunities.
  • Identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities with existing key accounts to increase the value of Quantum’s current customer base.

The Result




pipeline generated in the first 2 months




revenue closed within 6 months

  •  $2.8m pipeline generated in the first 2 months
  • $180,000 revenue closed within 6 months (average sales cycle usually 6-12 months)
  • $43,000 average deal value
  •  30% of leads passed to Quantum did not originate with the decision maker – the right level lead was researched and qualified by Operatix


Over the years we have generated a lot of leads from our marketing activities but have had difficulty finding a consistent resource to manage and qualify them. To fill this gap we were looking for a partner who was experienced in the technology market and understood the concept of inbound response management.

We decided to outsource this function to an external organization and Operatix had the skill set and expertise that was a perfect match for us. Operatix had the ability to scale into Europe with their team of native speakers. As a company, they were flexible enough to work within our program and CRM systems.

Since the beginning of the project, Operatix has been responsive and dynamic always focusing on delivering revenue and bringing recommendations. Turning around leads quickly is always a challenge and Operatix exceeded expectations.

EMEA Marketing Director

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