CloudBlue Doubles Conversion Rates with Operatix

An independent Ingram Micro business, CloudBlue enables vendors to smoothly automate and aggregate their services via its digital cloud commerce platform, managing every step of the supply chain. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the carrier-grade platform accelerates growth for telecommunication companies, managed service providers and technology distributors across the globe. Such digital service providers can expedite their time to market by both monetizing and automating their processes via CloudBlue. There are more than 80,000 global resellers in CloudBlue’s network, and the company manages over 30 million enterprise cloud subscriptions.

The Challenge

  • CloudBlue relied heavily on its internal sales team and the personal network of its sales representatives to generate pipeline. As a result, demand generation was slow and not scalable
  • A need to increase engagements and sales across multiple regions in EMEA. LATAM and North America, securing new accounts after noticing stagnation within their network heatmap.
  • A need to speed up the sales cycle, from qualifying leads to securing deals.
  • An internal Sales Development function had been previously deployed, but wasn’t yielding the expected results.

The Goals

  • Accelerate demand generation within their target market, focusing on quality accounts that fit their ICP.
  • Deliver a pre-agreed number of sales engagements in order to close deals with target accounts.
  • Handling both inbound and outbound
  • Increase conversion rates from SQL to MQL efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

  • The team of expert sales development representatives utilised an account-based selling approach, enabling them to establish relationships with key accounts and generate an agreed number of qualified sales engagements across North America, LATAM and multiple regions in EMEA – Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Nordics & Middle East. 
  • Using the dependable, engineered Operatix methodology for target account mapping and profiling which, in turn, ensures the prospects with decision-making power are being engaged with. 
  • Operatix tailored its messaging to suit the ideal customer profile and job function, working to engage with the right people in a manner that influenced their decision making.
  • Utilising a deep-dive methodology to follow up and qualify inbound leads.
  • Working as an extension of the client’s internal teams, ensuring to provide clear visibility and regular updates in regards to activity levels, solutions and results.

The Result



number of representatives expanded by since the start of the program



expectations exceeded by



conversion rate from MQL to SQL

  • Number of representatives expanded by 3x since the start of the program. 
  • Exceeded expectations by 5x. 
  • Doubled conversion from MQL to SQL

“What sets Operatix apart from other Outsourced sales companies is the velocity in which they can set up a performing team. They managed to fully ramp up quality resources in two weeks, making a rapid impact in our pipeline.


The flexible and fast approach allows you to add more resources, alter one resource for another, or change from one country to another, which is vital for our business. Because of the success of our initial program with Operatix, we tripled the resources working for us over the course of a year.


We started our engagement with Operatix with three resources and over the course of the year, we added seven more. Operatix is a vital partner for our pipeline generation engine.”

Joan Francesc Puyol Bosch
Global Director of Product Marketing at CloudBlue

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