Increase conversions from MQL to SQL by Building a predictable Marketing Revenue Engine

Account-Based Marketing Strategies can help to grow your sales team’s pipeline and enhance your conversion rates significantly.

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An Account-Based Marketing strategy is only as successful as the revenue it generates.

SDRs are the handshake between Sales & Marketing.

At Operatix we will work alongside your marketing leadership to deliver real results, not vanity metrics.

We can support your marketing revenue by increasing your inbound conversions,  taking a pro-active outbound approach on your ABM target-accounts, driving or following up on event leads or activating channel partners through our marketing concierge service. All we care about is generating value for your team and your organization, to allow you to focus on delivering marketing revenue.


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We build a tangible Account Based Marketing Strategies that deliver results, not excuses.

In a competitive industry like technology every lead counts. Operatix can help you maximize conversion from MQL to SQL and from lead to pipeline, increasing both your revenue and ROI on marketing activities.

An Account-based Marketing strategy is only as successful as the marketing revenue it generates. At Operatix we will support your 1:1, 1:few or 1:many approach to get your team in front of decision makers in the accounts that matter to you the most. 

Whether you need to implement a demand generation strategy or get more results out of your existing demand gen engine, Operatix can work alongside your marketing team to yield better results out of your demand generation programs.

If your marketing leads aren’t converting, it might be a lead qualification issue. Operatix can help sieve through leads that need further qualification, so they are ready for an AE or sales team member to engage with.

Understanding buying centres, hierarchies and relevant personas in strategic accounts is a fundamental step to increase conversion rates. By leveraging account intelligence in a sales conversation your team can tailor their message and provide value to their prospective customer. But sales & marketing teams often struggle to dedicate time and resources to do the deep research and this is where Operatix can help.

Using a proactive outbound sales approach has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to engage with key target-accounts. By applying the ‘Challenger Sale’ methodology we use a tailored, human approach to getting in touch with prospects to increase your qualified sales engagements and ultimately generate more pipeline.

Our Partner Concierge Service helps vendors accelerate their channel programs, by engaging and nurturing channel partners and supporting them to get to revenue quicker.

Finding quality data is an on-going challenge for B2B Tech vendors. The accuracy of data platforms is questionable and that is why Operatix developed a manual process to identify & verify contact details for decision makers within strategic target accounts.

Link your investment directly to Marketing revenue with Operatix.

Contact our expert team to discuss your requirements & expectations in detail and find out how Operatix can help to develop an intricate account based marketing strategy for your team.

Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies


We invited B2B Marketing leaders to come onto our B2B Revenue Acceleration Podcast and share best practices of what it’s like being a marketer in the ever-growing, fast changing B2B Tech world. 

This e-book is a selection of the best content generated from the 10 most listened to podcasts. 

Jennifer Leggio CMO - Claroty
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Operatix works as our External SDR team to help with named account penetration and pipeline development. What I like the best is the professionalism of the reps as well as the rep managers. Each has established a phenomenal relationship with our internal sales managers and the partnership is truly helping to drive business.

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