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Whether you are building up your channel or looking to get more revenue out of your channel partners, Operatix has a wealth of experience in developing successful channel programs.

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Recruit, Enable & accelerate your channel partners with
result-focused channel programs.

By recruiting the right partners, enabling them from a sales & marketing perspective and helping them penetrate successfully new accounts, we can bring agility and scale to your business.
Our professional team have a wealth of experience in guiding and improving channel progress, helping your businesses to reach its channel related goals more efficiently.
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We build a tangible plan for your channels that deliver results, not excuses.

Recruiting the right Channel Partners is the first step for a successful channel program. Operatix has helped over 350 B2B Software vendors recruit suitable channel partners across EMEA and North America, supporting them to scale and expand their presence in different geographies and verticals. 

The 80/20 rule is still very applicable to the channel, which means that investing in partner productivity should be a priority for vendors looking to grow their businesses. Operatix can increase partner productivity and shorten sales cycles, by identifying ready to engage sales opportunities for your most valued channel partners.

Enabling your channel partners have measurable wins for your business when done right. Operatix has a proven track record in enabling channel partners from a sales & marketing perspective, providing them the knowledge and tools to successfully pitch your solution and sell the value & benefits of it. 

Market Development Funds are an important component of any channel ecosystem, though vendors believe they are not maximizing the return on investment they should be getting from their MDF programs. At Operatix, we build scalable outbound sales development programs that will give you the visibility of return over the invested spend and will provide clear value for your channel partners.

Far too often vendors insist on enabling their channel partners to talk about features and technical details of their solutions. Customers don’t buy features; they buy the benefits your solution can bring. Operatix will work with your partner community to train them in articulating your message from a high-level business perspective, enabling them to talk to prospects about the value your solution can bring to their company from a board-level perspective.

Vendors often spend thousands of dollars building multifunctional Partner Portals to help channel partners educate their teams, manage opportunities, and create marketing programs. Still, these portals are often underutilized due to lack of bandwidth and capacity from vendors to offer support in enabling their partner community. Operatix, through their Partner Development team, can support your partners to make the best use out of your partner portal, managing the relationship with your partners and helping them set up co-marketing campaigns to drive more revenue for both businesses. 

Whether your business decided for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 distribution model, Operatix can help your channel partners get to revenue quicker. By providing qualified sales engagements to your channel partners we can accelerate your route to market with tangible and easily measurable results.

Digital transformation is changing how companies buy and use business solutions, making vendors re-assess the capabilities of their channel ecosystem. With channel dynamics in constant flux, vendors need to be ready to cut ties with partners that don’t share their vision or have connections with the right B2B buyers.


Operatix has supported numerous vendors in their path to Channel transformation by assessing current partners and recruiting new partners that are more aligned with their new channel strategy. Once the right partners have been identified, Operatix built scalable outbound sales development programs that accelerated their routes to market.

Our VCAM team is responsible for building, maintaining, and managing sound relationships with current and prospective channel partners. They can get involved in opening up new sales conversations as well as closing small businesses up to $ 10k.

Finding the best suited partners to leverage your solutions is critical to drive growth and bring scalability to your business.


Operatix has 10+ years of experience and expertise in connecting enterprise software vendors to the best suited ISV’s in their categories. Discover more about what we do here.

We can help you scale by Implementing global channel and market initiatives to accelerate growth, increase reach, and enable access to new markets.

Contact our expert team to discuss your requirements & expectations in detail and find out how Operatix can help to develop your channel.

Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
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We chose Operatix because of their vast experience and expertise in developing channels in North America. Their unique approach has allowed us to establish our presence in the marketplace and drive revenue in a very cost effective and efficient manner during a critical time for growth with our company.


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