Everything you need to know to build and manage a successful sales development team

Operatix has hired, onboarded and developed over 1,000 SDRs globally in its 11 years of trading, becoming experts in the process. With this in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate SDR handbook to help you not only build an internal team of your own but manage and empower them for success.


This free eBook offers expert insights, practical tactics and advice on every hurdle that could come your way during the process of setting up your SDR team. 


With chapters covering the likes of recruitment and training, tools, comp plans and SDR metrics, this comprehensive guide contains information on every part of the journey.


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The Ultimate Guide to
Building and Managing an SDR Team

We’ve made our SDR Handbook as detailed as possible, ensuring nothing is left unexplained. Below, we’ve listed all of the chapters from the guide to give you an idea of what’s inside:


      • Chapter One: Finding talent Understanding the Traits of a Great SDR, Building a Recruitment Plan

      • Chapter Two: The Fundamentals of an SDR – Defining your ICP and Target Personas, Cold Calling and Script Writing Best Practises, Email Cadences and Sequences Best Practices, Social Selling Best Practices 

      • Chapter Three: Tools and Tech Stacks

      • Chapter Four: SDR Management – Goal Setting, Day-to-Day Management, SDR Scorecard, Sales Coaching

      • Chapter Five: Compensation – Commission Plans, Incentives

      • Chapter Six: KPIs – SDR Metrics

      • Chapter Seven: Team Structure – Inbound vs Outbound, Reporting to Sales or Marketing, Outsourcing or having an In-house Team

      • Chapter Eight: Conclusion

    Operatix can DO IT FOR YOU

    Operatix has over ten years of experience in managing global sales development teams, specializing in the world of B2B tech. 
    Whether you don’t want the hassle of setting up your own internal team or need additional resources to work alongside your internal function, we’re here to help.

    Contact our expert team to discuss if outsourcing your sales development function is the best option for your business.

    Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
    Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
    Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
    Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
    Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
    Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies

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