Operatix Establishes Presence in Singapore with Team Expansion


Aoife Daly

Operatix Establishes Presence in Singapore with Team Expansion


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Operatix Establishes Presence in Singapore with Team Expansion


Aoife Daly

Content Marketing Manager, Operatix

USA, UK & SINGAPORE – May 2023 – Operatix is continuing to successfully extend its reach into new markets, establishing a presence in Singapore and hiring a new APAC Regional Manager. 

Aurelien and Far
CEO Aurelien Mottier and Farveez Mukthar

With years of experience in business development, management and strategic planning, Farveez Mukthar will lead the team to success. 

Farveez has a background in tech and driving business growth in the APAC region. At the start of his career, he owned and operated his own digital marketing agency before joining TDCX, where he represented Google as a Sales Development Representative (SDR).

Farveez then transitioned into a training role, responsible for onboarding and nurturing new team members, eventually becoming a manager at TDCX and leading a team supporting Southeast Asia. 

He is now embarking on a new chapter at Operatix, aligning with his commitment to developing people and driving business growth. 

“I’m absolutely thrilled about my new job role and joining Operatix. It presents a fantastic opportunity to work with a wide range of B2B software vendors, from startups to large enterprise companies, and assist them in accelerating their growth and expanding their presence into the APAC market.” Said Farveez, “Moreover, I was particularly drawn to Operatix’s deeply embedded culture of employee development and growth, which aligns perfectly with my values and aspirations.”

“My main responsibility is to build a top-tier team and drive success in the APAC region for our customers and Operatix. I will support international companies entering the APAC market and help established APAC companies accelerate their growth,” Continued Farveez, “Inspired by Operatix’s culture of employee development and growth, my goal is to create a collaborative and empowering environment where both our team and customers thrive.”

With my experience in APAC, sales leadership, and managing teams, I am committed to delivering exceptional results and contributing to the team’s overall success.”

The addition of a Singapore-based operation team allows us to expand our services in the APAC region, ensuring that our clients continue to get the best results possible. 

Having a team based in APAC ensures we possess an enhanced understanding of regional nuances, cultural differences, and language dynamics. 

Aurelien and Singapore Team 1
Aurelien Mottier with APAC team

This growing presence enables us to better cater to the needs of software vendors worldwide, offering outsourced sales acceleration and outbound activities in the APAC region. With the help of our dedicated Sales Development Representatives in Singapore, businesses can unlock the full potential of this diverse and thriving market.

This development comes as part of a number of new opportunities for Operatix, including being part of the annual FT 1000 and seeing significant growth in the USA following an office expansion. 

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