Operatix Achieves 106% of goal set by Airbnb

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is an online marketplace for short-term rentals, homestays, and experiences in over 220 countries across the globe. As of 2022, there are over four million hosts and 150 users on the platform. AirBnb has grown profoundly since its conception, with a valuation of $86.5 billion as of 2020.

The Challenge

Airbnb required a team of specialist sales development representatives to recruit, onboard and orientate short-term home rental hosts across the globe to become ambassadors for the platform. Following this, the initial project required them to persuade and work with the newly recruited ambassadors to record a video introduction, something which the client admitted was ‘no easy pitch’. Finally, the team had to ensure the ambassadors completed a Learning Series in a timely manner. There was a limited time to do this, meaning the Operatix team had to ramp up and start delivering results quickly.

The Goals

  • Recruit, onboard and orientate current super hosts as ambassadors for the client across multiple regions (Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, USA & LATAM)
  • Representatives were required to co-ordinate video introductions from all new ambassadors
  • Finally, they worked with ambassadors to complete a Learning Series


Super hosts were Airbnb users that were recognized for going above and beyond in terms of the level of service given. The main task of this part of the project was for the Operatix team to reach out to these super hosts and recruit them as ambassadors.


Their new role as ambassadors meant they were to act as mentors for new hosts in their region via a messaging platform and coaching them so they could become super hosts.

The Solution

  • Using targeted and tailored messaging, the team of expert SDRs engaged with hosts within the ideal target profile to influence them into becoming ambassadors for the client
  • Established relationships with key hosts before training and onboarding them so that they could successfully become ambassadors
  • Worked as an extension of the client’s own internal teams, ensuring to provide clear visibility and regularly communicate in regard to activity levels, solutions and results
  • Regularly communicate with new ambassadors to ensure all projects were completed in a timely manner, including the video introduction and Learning Series

The Result



percentage of goal achieved in first project


number of videos generated at a 70% CVR



total LSeries driven by agents

  • Achieved 106% of the goal set by the client
  • Operatix agents converted 32% of all new ambassadors during the initial project
  • Generated 358 videos at a 70% CVR
  • Agents drove 50% of total LSeries completion

“The workflow was seamless; the managers always helped with any meeting scheduling and goal setting. All of the agents joined the calls and emails, and were extremely responsive to everything I communicated. It was a complete iterative process, and the whole team adapted to every change or issue we encountered with full energy and motivation.



We selected this vendor as we had a previous relationship with them in another team in the company. They had always had a strong performance.”


Carla Moreno de Tejada Maria Forgas
Community Growth Manager, Airbnb

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