The ultimate guide to lead generation in a recession



The ultimate guide to lead generation in a recession


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The ultimate guide to lead generation in a recession


Generating leads is no easy feat, and one that hasn’t been made much easier with the pressure of a looming downturn. You may find that your typical tactics just aren’t doing the trick anymore. Rather than panicking, it’s time to rethink your lead generation strategy – but where do you start? Compiled by HYPCCCYCL, this exclusive whitepaper is your ultimate guide to lead generation in a recession.

In this free downloadable guide, 23 marketing innovators reveal their bulletproof demand gen strategies to drive high-quality leads in a recession. Featuring the likes of Catarina Hoch (VP of Global Marketing, Operatix), Latané Conant (CMO, 6Sense), Tyler Lessard (VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist, Vidyard) and more, you’ll discover strategies from industry leaders across the globe all in one place. 

Get a sneak peek of what is inside the ultimate guide to lead generation below, and download the rest for free here

What’s included in the ultimate guide to lead generation?

We don’t call it the ultimate guide to lead generation for nothing. This complete guide is packed with content to foolproof your lead generation strategy during the toughest conditions.

You can expect to discover more about:

  • How to spike quality lead generation with a fine-tuned ABM strategy
  • Implementing a partner channel or eco-system based GTM motion
  • Rethinking your brand messaging, narrative, and targeting to be in line with the latest needs of your unique ICP during a recession
  • Running tailored campaigns to crucial target accounts by deanonymizing website traffic
  • How to successfully create buyer-centric LinkedIn profiles that actually convert leads
  • Advice on running your lead generation team like a media company to get the best results
  • Tips for building a customer focus to align sales and marketing teams
  • Creating memorable, creative campaigns that work
  • Adding value across every customer touchpoint

Lead generation during a recession

While you’ll have to download the guide to enjoy all of the latest insights into creating a strong lead generation strategy during a recession, get a glimpse of what’s inside below. Here are just some of the many experts featured in the ultimate guide to lead generation to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Leverage review websites and outbound SDR teams

Catarina Hoch reduced

“My top demand gen tactics in a downturn are leveraging review websites & Outbound SDR teams. Review websites are typically built to impact MOFU & BOFU but have also shown very effective for TOFU. Customer confidence will typically drop in times of a downturn, so helping build confidence in the buyer before they even reach out to you is fundamental to increasing lead volumes & conversions.

Outbound SDR teams also become even more fundamental in a downturn scenario, as they can be super targeted and personalized in their approach, generating demand when inbound lead volumes often decrease. Leveraging Outbound SDRs brings more predictability to your funnel as they can be laser-focused in engaging strategic accounts in industries that still thrive in a recession.”

Catarina Hoch, VP of Global Marketing at Operatix

ultimate guide to lead generation

Dig deep into your customer’s current experience


“The first thing most GTM teams are tempted to do in a downturn is slash marketing budgets. I get it, teams need to save money. But this can be a costly mistake. Downturns are cyclical, meaning they don’t last forever. The brands that continue to invest and create demand during a recession, typically finish first at the end of the cycle. I chatted more about this recently on the B2B Revenue Acceleration Podcast.

A downturn creates an excellent opportunity to reassess your marketing strategy and activities. Start asking yourself: what’s working, not working, what can we try as a marketing team? Everything starts with your customer. This is a great time to interview your customers and dig deep on what they are currently experiencing. What content can your team build to address new pain points, concerns and needs? How can you continue to bring value during this time? Being helpful gets you in the door. Being valuable keeps you in the room.

You need to stay top-of-mind, so when your prospects are ready to buy you’re the brand they remember. We’re taking this approach at Proposify and have started testing new content formats like The Closing Show Live (weekly stream and podcast) and are prioritizing community-led initiatives.”

Nadia Milani, VP of Marketing at Proposify

Offer Something of Value Without Asking for Anything in Return

tyler lessard

“During an economic downturn, businesses are still looking for ways to be more effective and efficient. In fact, they may have an even greater need for this despite having flat or reduced budgets. Meet them where they are and offer something of true value without expecting anything in return. This could be a free version of your product, or an extended free trial.

It could be complimentary services to help evaluate an aspect of their business and provide feedback or recommendations. It could even be a recommendation for a free productivity tool that may help them boost efficiency in the coming months. That’s great for your prospect, but what’s in it for you?

When budgets do come back, the law of reciprocity says they’re very likely to pay it back in some way. Perhaps they’ll entertain that demo call you’ve been pushing.

Maybe they’ll refer someone else who might need your solution. Or maybe, just maybe, they’ll become a new customer without the need to go through a long sales cycle.”

Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard (see Tyler’s episode on B2B Revenue Acceleration here)

lead generation strategies

Leverage the Four Ps: Price, Promotion, Place & Product

Mark Stouse

“In a downturn, the #1 risk to the buy decision is associated with risk itself. And when a company lacks a strong brand reputation (awareness, confidence, trust), people get very chary about moving forward.

This is why we commonly see and expect major attrition during downturns among smaller startups and comparable companies. The four P’s really stand out during this time.

Price is key because it’s so closely connected with overall risk mitigation. Promotion has to focus on dampening risk while not losing sight of reward. Place means campaigns that go where customers are, not dragging them to you. Product is also directly related to risk (“we can’t afford for this to suck.”)

So, against this backdrop, the best marketing tactics are those that build Awareness, Confidence, and Trust among customers quickly and durably. Low prices for top-quality products with advantageous contract terms for the customer are a must.

Customer success — public and private — is huge. You’ve got to have people with experience with you saying good things. Not just within their community but publicly. So the impact of great PR gets very strong during downturns.

There’s a very strong relationship between “confidence and trust,” and more deals are concluded faster. Classic top-of-the-funnel stuff loses traction in downturns unless its message magnifies confidence and trust, proof points.”

Mark Stouse, CEO and Chairman at Proof (see Mark’s episode of the B2B Revenue Acceleration podcast here)

Want to see more tips from marketing leaders? Download the ultimate guide to lead generation in a recession here, and ensure to foolproof your strategy.

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