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Lead generation has multiple definitions; some companies refer to lead generation as list building, where a lead is a line of contact for a certain person which may include contact details like their name, company, job title and email address. Other companies consider a lead as someone who has showed some level of intent and interest, or someone who has filled and submitted a form on their website. 

How Operatix defines lead generation.

For us, lead generation is the process of identifying decision makers within strategic accounts, industries or verticals, making a connection with them and ultimately setting up an initial sales engagement; ensuring the leads can be progressed further down the sales funnel.

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With over 10-years’ experience of successful B2B lead generation within the SaaS industry, Operatix provides on-hand support and access to a wealth of knowledge, information, data, and expertise. Helping your business accelerate growth through meaningful campaigns and targeted lead generation.

Having supported over 500 vendors with developing and implementing lead generation strategies that see real results; we know the ins and outs of the market, buying centres, personas and challenges that decision makers in the IT industry face. 


Choosing Operatix as your lead generation partner gives you the power to address global, and local pipeline challenges through our team of native speakers, covering over 20 languages. 


The process is simple: you tell us your pipeline objectives, and we build a plan to achieve them.

To get started, we’ll need to understand your target markets, ideal customer profile, your sales playbook, and overall message. For companies that don’t have a Sales Playbook in place, this needs to be tackled first to make sure the program will run effectively.


Once this is in place, we’ll start the account mapping and profiling to identify the right prospects with power and influence in your target accounts or verticals. Using this targeted data to apply account-based selling strategies through an omni-channel approach, delivering an agreed number of qualified leads and sales engagements every month – so you can progress these opportunities through your sales funnel. 


Choosing Operatix as your lead generation partner gives you the power to address global, and local pipeline challenges through our team of native speakers, covering over 20 languages. 

what to expect.

As part of our Lead Generation Program, you’ll have a dedicated team in place to ensure your campaign runs effectively. Operatix will work as an extension of your sales and marketing team to drive growth and ultimately deliver an efficient sales pipeline that accelerates your route to market. 


Over half of all sales engagements set up by our team progresses into a next step of the sales process. Meaning 5 in every 10 meetings will progress towards a POC, demo or pipeline opportunity. 


Things to consider before starting a lead generation program

When choosing the right Lead Generation Program for your business, there are a few factors to consider:

1. Maturity in the market

Are you an established vendor that has some level of awareness in the market? Or are you a disruptive start-up that is testing strategies to determine which message resonates best with your target audience?


The stage your business is in will influence the best strategy and approach to take for your lead generation program.


Knowing your sales, pipeline, revenue objectives and conversion rates is essential. We’ll use this data to build a tailored plan bespoke to your business; giving you the right strategy and resources to fill your pipeline gap. 


On average, our clients see a 26x ROI with this approach. 


It is critical that your sales and marketing teams are aligned in the lead generation process. Transparency between departments is key; marketing is often the budget holder, but sales is the team that will progress your leads through the funnel. 


Having both teams on board and aligned will help to ensure your Lead Generation Program is a success. 


Our team works across multiple platforms to generate sales engagements for our clients. Depending on the client’s requirements there will be an element of marketing & sales automation added to a more manual process of reaching prospects through an omni-channel approach. 

The pricing structure of our Lead Generation program is dependent on the quantity of sales pipeline your organisation wants to generate. 

After outlining your pipeline objectives, the length of your sales cycle and your average deal value, we can recommend a program tailored specifically to your business to ensure your sales and marketing goals are achieved. Check out our Pipeline Calculator to learn more.

The Operatix team is global; with operations centres in Dallas, Texas – covering North America and LATAM; and our Headquarters in the UK – covering all European countries with their respective native language.

Our European branch works primarily in the regions that generate the most industry demand, including the UK, DACH, France, Nordics, Benelux, Spain and Italy. However, any location can be covered upon request.  

We have a team of over 200 staff members working across our three offices in Fleet, UK as well as Dallas and San Jose in the USA.

70% of our clients have internal SDR or BDR teams. The Operatix team works collaboratively with your internal sales and marketing departments to accelerate results, expand into new territories, push new solutions and business units, and work on a specific set of accounts that the internal team is struggling to penetrate.  

We provide exclusive support to B2B SaaS vendors that typically have long and complex sales cycles and a high average deal value. 

Our clients tend to operate within Cybersecurity, Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, HR Tech,  Fintech and Mar Tech. We tailor our Lead Generation Program to objectives and requirements of every organisation we work with, making this service an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes – from large enterprises as well as emerging start-ups with exciting and disruptive technologies.

Our European office is located in Fleet, UK – just a 40-minute drive from London. In North America we have a sales office in San Jose, California, as well as an operations centre in Dallas, Texas. 

You can reach out to us on sales@operatix.net or click here to fill in a contact form. 

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Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies
Lead Generation for B2B Software Companies