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Implement a fast, effective, and integrated lead response program to increase pipelines and acceleration sales.

Our team implements inbound sales solutions to ensure that each opportunity is fully qualified and transferred to your sales team at the point where it is ready for sales engagement. Your prospects are handled in the professional and timely manner that you would expect. By measuring each channel’s effectiveness from beginning to closed revenue, and by giving you the power to report ROI by lead source, Operatix improves the effectiveness of demand-creation activities, resulting in savings in the technology marketing processes.


Implement global channel and market initiatives to accelerate growth, increase reach, and enable access into new markets

Our team has an enviable track record of growing and managing some of the biggest global partner organizations for leading technology companies. We assess the market opportunity and design channel strategies, but more importantly, we guarantee execution and follow through. Our experience, trusted processes, and ability to demonstrate success allows our clients to be comfortable with trusting their channel organization to the Operatix team.


Engage with the decision-maker level to accelerate sales, increase average deal size and improve sales conversion

Our team is qualified to engage at both a technical and business level with senior executives. Our stringent experience and performance criteria for our business development executives means our clients can rely on us to build their enterprise opportunities. We combine our extensive network, our employee’s sales and communication capabilities, and comprehensive database marketing expertise to maximize results and return.


Treat individual target accounts as their own markets

Our team works with sales & marketing teams to build plans that include one-to-one and one-to-few engagements with key decision makers and influencers within each account, globally. This approach builds stronger relationships with your most valued customers and prospects employing discrete marketing interactions and demonstrating in-depth understanding of your clients’ business needs and technology issues.

Turning around leads quickly is a big challenge and Operatix exceeded expectations

Christine Bachmeyer

EMEA Marketing Director

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