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Operatix partnered with Pavilion to uncover the latest Sales Development trends in B2B SaaS based on data from sales and marketing leaders, including the most effective sales channels, how SDRs qualify leads and the annual SDR tech spend/budget per rep.

Written by the sales experts at Operatix, this free step-by-step guide is essential for those who want to confidently engage with C-Level executives. Designed to increase not only the number of deals you close but their value, all while reducing your sales cycle. 

Struggling to convert MQLs? Operatix CEO Aurelien Mottier has created a comprehensive guide to effective inbound response management. Curated to help sales and marketing leaders improve how their teams respond, nurture, and convert inbound leads, this eBook is a must read for all sales teams.

Operatix and Tenbound have teamed up to produce the Sales Development Outsourcing Survey 2022, providing an exclusive glimpse into how industry leaders make the most out of outsourced sales, the results they’ve achieved, exactly why they chose this service and how they keep track of results to ensure success.