sdr team not performing?

Are your SDRs/BDRs not producing the results you’d hoped for? 

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Are your SDRs doing at least 70 – 100 activities a day?

That includes cold calling, LinkedIn messaging, sending personalized emails to prospects, etc.


Keeping activity levels high is vital to increase conversions and build momentum. Persistence is key when it comes to prospecting, so make sure your SDRs aren’t giving up on leads too early.  

Using a multi-touch approach includes email sequences, LinkedIn outreach and cold calling, at least.

A multi-touch approach allows more communication and increases brand awareness, as SDRs engage prospects through various channels. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of meaningful interactions that lead to conversions.


It’s essential for sales development reps to target the correct Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for your business. This will ensure efficient use of their time and resources, as well as ensure that all conversations are relevant to the industries you are supporting. 

Tailoring conversations to match a prospect’s specific pain points and challenges is essential for success. 


By addressing their needs, prospects are more likely to see the benefit of the solution being pitched to them and more open to further engagement. 

Engaging with multiple decision-makers at once using a multi-threading approach is a crucial strategy for SDRs, but is often neglected. Doing so often speeds up the sales process by reducing the number of hurdles caused by approval and having just one point of contact.

It’s easy for a sales rep to become disheartened when a lead doesn’t reply after the first few touchpoints, but it’s essential they persevere and continue engaging, until the timing is right. 

Having the ability to handle objections and being prepared for them is extremely important. It allows SDRs to respond effectively to potential obstacles, demonstrate their expertise and credibility, and transform objections into opportunities for productive conversations. Not being able to do this will result in the prospect losing confidence in both the SDR and the solution they are pitching.

Instead of promoting features, SDRs should direct their attention towards emphasizing the benefits of their solution. This aids in establishing a strong comprehension with the customer, as it demonstrates how the product can have a direct impact on their business. 

Decision-makers are short on time, so you must cut to the chase once you’ve managed to start a conversation. An SDRs pitch must utilise the CCE method: Clear, Concise and Enticing. Keep it short, engaging and easy to understand rather than waffling.

Addressing a business’s specific challenges and pain points is essential in creating an engaging pitch that piques the interest of a prospect. Failing to do so will make your solution seem irrelevant and not worthy of investment. 

In such a competitive market, standing out is vital. Picking up the phone for a call is great, but getting creative with your approach will help you stand out in a crowded industry. If your SDRs aren’t using tactics like gifting, handwritten notes, personalise voice messages, intent data and videos, you may be losing out.

Are your reps listening back to their calls and making notes on ways to approve? Open to receiving honest feedback, and adjusting their approach based on this? Undergoing additional coaching and training? The only way to improve is to scrutinise their current approach and make the necessary adjustments.

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