The Great 2022 Sales Outsourcing Survey w/ Aurelien Mottier


Aurelien Mottier
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The Great 2022 Sales Outsourcing Survey w/ Aurelien Mottier

David Dulaney

Founder and CEO of Tenbound

Aurelien Mottier

CEO at Operatix

Does it ever make sense to outsource the whole SDR team? If you do, what questions should you be asking and what expectations should you set?

In this special episode of B2B Revenue Acceleration, we join Aurelien Mottier, CEO and Co-founder at Operatix, and David Dulany, CEO and Founder of Tenbound, at the recent Sales Development Outsourcing Conference. Here, they discuss the Sales Outsourcing Survey 2022, with topics including:

  • How much to outsource
  • Need for speed, especially for startups
  • A mindset of inclusivity for outsourced team members

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How Much Should You Outsource?

One of the big questions we see these days is, “should I just outsource the entire SDR team?” Which, we get it, is a scary question. For those that grew up in the ‘80s, ”getting outsourced” meant getting thrown out on the street. 

It’s the ultimate question that, unfortunately, likely has a different answer for every company. Maybe you’re in the financial space to outsource a lot of work, or maybe you’re not. 

But for Aurelien and his team, he outsources everything that he can now. 


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When you outsource to the right company, you should get insight that helps you understand what’s happening in your market — if you work with an expert

Aurelien Mottier – CEO and Co-founder at Operatix

Because he wants his time back. Outsourcing allows you to reclaim your time. And quite frankly, if someone has done something before, they’re likely to do it better than him anyway, given their years of experience.

The Need for Speed

One of the biggest needs for any business, but especially for any startup, is speed. Speed is the name of the game. Because at that stage of the business, if you’re not moving fast, you’re dying. 

And speed is one of the most important aspects that CMOs and CROs are looking for, as well as the expertise linked to that speed. Because when you’re outsourcing, you’re getting people who can jump in and hit the ground running. 

Once you finally decide to outsource, you’re already behind, so why not make that decision as early as possible?

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CMOs, CROs need speed. The day they made the decision to outsource, they’re already three months behind

Aurelien Mottier – CEO and Co-founder at Operatix

If you know the market and have data in the market and know the accounts, you’re miles ahead of where you should be.

Building an Inclusive Outsourced Team

All too often, companies tend to treat outsourced team members like exactly that: outsiders. From not being included in team events to having fewer decision making abilities, not treating your outsourced team members like employees is a quick way to run them into the ground. 

Those outsourced team members come in, give you everything they have, they don’t negotiate, and all they ask is that you give them the same trust that you would an internal employee. 

You should be treating them as an extension of your team. Give them respect and you’re going to get that respect back from them.

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Around 80% of the clients that leave us come back six months later after trying it themselves. They say, ‘Okay, we get it now.’

Aurelien Mottier – CEO and Co-founder at Operatix

At the end of the day, outsourcing is a touchy subject. Should you? Shouldn’t you? How much, or how little? But when you get it right, when you hire the right people, you give yourself back time, expertise, and results. 

Not to mention saving yourself a lot of grief trying it for yourself at first, only to learn that you should’ve been outsourcing from the beginning.

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