2022 B2B Marketing Trends


Matt Heinz
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2022 B2B Marketing Trends

Aurelien Mottier

CEO at Operatix

Matt Heinz

President at Heinz Marketing

The years 2020 and 2021 have thrown so many curveballs at B2B marketers.

While we’re all planning for 2022, Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing, joined us to share his predictions for what’s coming over the next year and beyond.

We discuss main B2B marketing trends expected in 2022, tech and tools marketers should explore, supporting the buyer journey and overcoming resistance, business events, and where to channel your budget.

The Biggest B2B Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2022

The name of the game in 2022 is precision. 

If 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s that people are getting pickier and pickier about who they choose to do business with. 

For marketers, it means that we have to be more precise than ever before, both at a contact level as well as at an account level. 

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If you’re in B2B, your targets are accounts, but the building will never answer your email and the logo will never attend a demo. We still have to talk to people.

Matt Heinz – President at Heinz Marketing

Our communication is inherently one-to-one. It’s still people to people. We can’t change that. 

But at an individual as well as an account level, there is a deeper level of insights, intent signals, and data that can tell you out of an addressable market, who your ideal or target customers are. 

Some Technology Worth Watching

As the world advances, it seems like every day there’s a new “must have” piece of technology, especially in the sales and marketing worlds. 

And while we’re not in the business of promoting a host of specific businesses, there are a couple that Matt and his team are particularly keen on. 

The first is a company called CaliberMind. CaliberMind takes input from a host of different sources, and then does the behind the scenes work of making sense of what those different combined sources mean. 

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We have an obligation as marketers to reduce the noise in front of buyers. Get only the right message at the right time to the right people.

Matt Heinz – President at Heinz Marketing

The other piece is a company called Near, who are making waves in the privacy and data intelligence space. Near is an embedded system that will look across all of your systems, products, and CRM and give you insights on how to create the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Where to Invest your Budget

As companies look to maintain tight wallets, they’re probably wanting to know where to invest their budget. What tools are worth bringing on, and which ones are going to be a complete waste of resources. 

Most B2B marketing budgets, unfortunately, just look at a year in advance. And if you’re only looking a year in advance, you’re going to invest in short term ROI efforts that are going to fill the pipeline immediately. 

But what if you looked beyond next year? What if you invested in and built something that may not have a q1 pipeline ROI right away, but that would pay off down the road? 

Instead, imagine that you built something that would subsidize demand requirements two, three, or five years from now. 

That would create massive competitive differentiation, because of how attractive you are, because of how attractive your content is, and because of how attractive your community is that you’ve built around that content. 

Relationships That Will Last

Ultimately, you can have the best data, analytics, AI, and online marketing tools on earth. But if you don’t have lasting relationships, you have nothing. 

The relationships you have with individuals, the relationships you have with organizations, those are going to last a very long time. 

Those people are going to remember the way that you treated them more than they’re going to remember your slick marketing campaign. 

Most importantly, the way you treat them when they’re not ready to buy (or when they’re not a prospect) will heavily impact not only how they engage with you when they are ready to buy, but also what they say about you to others. 

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