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How do you choose the right sales and business outsourcing company that will deliver the best results?

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Building an effective sales & Business Development function in-house can be tricky. Here are top factors to consider.

Where is the company based? Offshore companies are cheaper, but local providers are generally better suited for outreach to enterprise-level businesses where a high level of English is required.

For example, if you need personalized emails and calls made to prospects in the US for a high-ticket product/service, then outsourcing to an offshore company could backfire.

When assessing a company, find out how their sales and business development reps are recruited. Will you be able to communicate with and assess them directly? Will you be able to listen to recordings of their calls to hear how they interact with your prospects? The difference between a development rep who’s just dialling it in and one that’s highly motivated will have a huge impact on your results.

Ensure your outsourced firm doesn’t operate in a black box. You want to understand the processes and messaging they are using, and if successful, be able to use those with your own in-house sales and business development team. You’ll want to develop or validate your playbook with information gleaned from the outsourced team.

Outsourcing your sales and business development team isn’t a case of set it and forget it. You can’t just hand the company a list and a few scripts and then walk away. You need a strong relationship, where they have a seat at the table.

There are three variables you have to manage when prospecting:
The marketplace, the message, and the messenger.
When you’re considering an outsourced sales and business development function, you have to choose a company that can help control those variables.

Traditionally, sales and business development performance is measured on how many meetings are booked. However, not all appointments are created equal. If your outsourced company is using hard-sell techniques on poor-fit prospects, you might get plenty of meetings… they just end up going nowhere.

“Trying to ‘save money’ by going for a cheaper option is a false economy if they’re not suitable for your target market.”

David Dulany – Founder & CEO at Tenbound

71% of Sales & Marketing leaders say their outsourced Sales & Business Development agency performs better than their internal team

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