Operatix Expands Customer Success Team to Drive Client Satisfaction


Aoife Daly

Operatix Expands Customer Success Team to Drive Client Satisfaction


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Operatix Expands Customer Success Team to Drive Client Satisfaction


Aoife Daly

Content Marketing Manager, Operatix

San Jose and Dallas | USA & London | UK – March 2022 – Operatix is enhancing its Customer Success Teams to honor its commitment to ensuring clients get the best service possible.

Joining the team as the first Customer Success Manager is Johanna Prieto. Having previously worked as a Sales Development Representative at the company, Johanna has a wealth of knowledge regarding the intricacies of the services offered as well as the needs of software vendors.


Additionally, Johanna has held management positions, so she is well-versed in managing challenges and incorporating new processes in a customer-focused environment.

“We want to be proactive and identify the client’s needs before they reach out to us,” explains Johanna, “The Customer Success team will accompany them through the journey. We’ll be advocates for both the client and the company.”

The responsibilities of the Customer Success team involve implementing processes that improve both client relationships and satisfaction, ensuring there is an open line of communication, as well as actively pursuing retention opportunities

Another key responsibility of Customer Success is identifying client needs and potential issues, which is an essential part of delivering a personalized service that meets specific goals.

“Operatix is growing so quickly, so the purpose of Customer Success is to ensure there is a team dedicated entirely to looking after the clients and find gaps in the current processes,” Johanna said, “We’re here to improve these processes or create new ones so that our clients can get the best possible service from us.”

Thus far, Johanna has developed cohesive customer service plans and processes, all of which are designed with Operatix clients in mind. This includes building customer engagement programs, developing satisfaction surveys and cadences with direct communication with clients.

These policies are in place specifically to ensure Operatix stays a client-focused organization by becoming more proactive at communication, retention, and satisfaction levels, as opposed to reactive.

The Customer Success team will be working closely with both Operations and Sales, delivering feedback to continually improve internal processes and client experience.

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