Paxata – US Demand Generation

Paxata is a Californian based vendor that provides a Self-Service Data Integration and Management Platform.

The Challenge

  • The vendor was coming to market with an extremely innovative product as well as a high average deal value and needed support in creating urgency at the right level in their target accounts
  • The client’s target accounts were based on the Fortune 500 in North America and were extended to mid-sized companies after the first-year program.
  • The vendor required a partner that could bring quick results qualifying inbound inquiries as well as sourcing new opportunities. Supporting with the marketing team by driving traffic to events and webcasts was also one of the program’s objective and maximizing ROI from these marketing campaigns was of prime importance.
  • They needed a company that understood the concept of the Account -based selling approach with the ability to articulate their value proposition at the C-level as well as the technical level.
  • The ability and the agility to profile targets and tailor the value proposition with the utmost attention to each target’s disposition was also highly valuable to build meaningful pipeline of opportunities to truly take over their space.

The Goals

  • Quickly scale and deliver results in the US market
  • Generate brand awareness and educate prospects about the solution
  • Dramatically Increase the ROI of marketing activities by quickly engaging with Pre-Marketing and Marketing Qualified Leads to qualify and convert to Sales Accepted Leads for client’s sales team.

The Solution

  • Operatix was responsible for delivering an agreed monthly number of qualified sales engagements with decision makers across the US;
  • Operatix’ team used the deep-dive approach to qualify PML’s and MQL’s and convert them into relevant engagements for the client;
  • The Operatix research methodology was used to identify, profile and target the relevant target-personas across Enterprise and Mid-Market companies in the USA;
  • The Operatix team developed messages to influence both ‘C’ level and technical personas to be articulated in their context;
  • The Operatix’ team worked closely with the Client’s Sales and Marketing Team providing ongoing visibility directly in their CRM System and keeping track of activities, interaction with prospects and pipeline generated.
  • Worked with Senior Executives to develop and accelerate momentum for global strategic growth with key partners.

The Result







pipeline generated in the last 6 months

  • A successful ongoing partnership that is lasting almost 2 years
  • Because of the success of the initial program, the client increased the campaign target and resource by 35%
  • In 16 out of 18 month the agreed target was overachieved with a peak of 140% of overachievement in 3 months
  • Several opportunities moved into POC and progressed into closed deals



Several opportunities moved into POC and progressed into closed deals, $ 10mil pipeline generated in the last 6 months, ROI = 26X

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