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Cyber adAPT® is headquartered in California/USA and specializes in securing every segment of the digital enterprise, monitoring network traffic in real-time, detecting threats between mobile devices, IoT connections, cloud services, and the core network. Cyber adAPT has been named a Gartner IoT Security Cool Vendor in 2017.

The Challenge

  • As a relatively new vendor in the security space, the client had a clear need to generate significant qualified leads in its target markets
  • The vendor required a partner that could bring quick results qualifying inbound inquiries but most of all identifying new opportunities from a cold start.
  • The client needed a partner that could add regions following the company’s growth.
  • They needed a company that understands the concept of Account-based and persona-based selling with the ability to articulate the value proposition at the C-level as well as the technical level.


The Goals

  • Support the client to break the mark of $ 10 million in sales pipeline
  • Quickly scale and deliver results initially in the US market and 15 months later also in the UK Market

The Solution

  • Operatix was responsible for delivering an agreed monthly number of qualified sales engagements with IT security decision makers and budget holders across the US and the UK;
  • The Operatix research methodology was used to identify, profile and target the relevant target-personas across a pre-determined list of accounts in Enterprise and Mid-Market companies across both regions;
  • The Operatix team developed messages to influence both ‘C’ level and technical personas to be articulated in their context;
  • Operatix developed a strict multi-touch process to ensure that all MQL’s were followed up effectively and diligently;
  • The Operatix’ team worked closely with the Client’s Sales Team providing ongoing visibility and analysis of activities, interaction with prospects and pipeline generated.

The Result



of increase in the US target after 14 months contract



of targets achieved in the 16 months of on-going partnership, across both regions US and UK

Expansion to the UK Market after an effective program in the US

Several opportunities moved into POC and progressed into closed deals

As a CMO I feel very comfortable in trusting our lead generation to Operatix. They bring more predictability than other agencies that I worked with before. Their staff are more experienced, more talented and more proactive and the Operatix management are closely engaged with our account.

Paul White
CMO – Cyber adAPT

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