APImetrics – Lead Generation

APImetrics is an emerging technology and start-up that provides real time performance analysis, reporting and monitoring of APIs for SaaS services, Cloud Products and Internet of Things technologies.

The Challenge

  • Being a young start-up, the client didn’t have the capacity to build up a complete sales team and required a partner with the ability to take on a full sales cycle position to discover, qualify, meet with and close deals with target organizations.
  •  The vendors’ target accounts included a range of enterprise organizations and also smaller companies, which required the ability to deal with different messages and target personas.
  •  The company had the challenge to bring to the market a very innovative solution and needed support in selling the value proposition to the right level in their target accounts.
  •  The client had the need to attract new investors for the business, so it was essential to ramp up quick results and get strong names in their client portfolio, with good sales pipeline values attached.

The Goals

  • Increase brand awareness and gain more exposure in the client’s target markets.
  •  Identify opportunities and engage with key accounts from a cold target list through different channels.
  •  Qualify and convert Marketing Qualified Leads into Sales Accepted Leads in a quick and efficient manner.
  •  Close business from the leads generated through the program
  • Ramp up quick results that would allow further investments from VC’s.

The Solution

  • Operatix provided a full time resource to take on the complete sales strategy for APImetrics, working as the client’s Sales Team.
  • The program included:
    • Identifying new relevant target –personas in key accounts
    • Inbound response management from marketing activities
    • Outbound hunting and cold calling target persons and companies
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Hosting webinars and F2F meetings with prospects to sell the value of the product
    • Close business alongside with the management team

The Result



of all their current pipeline was generated by Operatix


significant deals closed



of the client’s revenue in 1 quarter contributed by Operatix

We are extremely satisfied with the results that Operatix delivered so far, as they were responsible for closing one of our biggest deals.

David O’Neill
CEO - APImetrics

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