? Your average deal value (or average deal size) is the average dollar amount per closed deal/contract.


    ? Please inform how much revenue you would like Operatix to generate for your business?


    ? Please inform what percentage of your sales pipeline typically converts into closed business.


    Deal Value: [info-deals "the-deal-value"]

    Pipeline: [info-pipeline "pipeline-to-generate"]

    % Full: [info-percentage-full "pipeline-percent-full"]

    % Converted: [info-percentage-converted "pipeline-percent-full / 100"]

    Sales Target: [info-sales-target "pipeline-to-generate"]

    Deals: [info-deals-to-make "info-sales-target / info-deals"]

    SQL: [info-sql "info-sales-target / (info-percentage-converted * info-deals)"]

    SQL: [info-sal "info-sql * 2"]

    Cost Per Lead: [info-cpl "700"]

    Program Cost: [info-program-cost "info-cpl * info-sal"]

    Pipeline Gen v2: [info-pipeline_2 "(info-deals-to-make / info-percentage-converted) * info-deals"]

    ROI: [info-roi precision:0 roundup "info-sales-target / info-program-cost"]

    Your ROI Report

    For you to reach your $ sales target, you need to close deals at $

    Using a conversion rate of % from pipeline to closed deal, means that you need to generate $ in pipeline.

    We can help you achieve that, delivering a program that generates:

    X ROI

    How did we calculate this?

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