ALumni Program

Operatix Alumni Program has been created to give our former alumni colleagues the opportunity to be part of our legacy as well as to network and engage with peers in the B2B SaaS Industry. 

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Our mission with the Operatix Alumni Program is to connect our Alumni community so they can network, engage, exchange ideas, share work experiences, job opportunities & industry insights. 


We want to bring together the Sales & Marketing leaders in B2B SaaS that have been through the Operatix Academy and were a fundamental part in our growth journey. 

We organise bi-annual alumni events, which provide a social opportunity for our alumni to meet, reconnect and maintain their bond with each other and our current teams.

We have an Operatix Alumni Slack channel where our alumni can connect, exchange ideas, discuss best practices, share job opportunities and keep updated with industry news & insights. 

If you are looking to recruit for your team or planning your next career move, the Operatix Alumni community will be a great place to get referrals and introductions. 

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At Operatix we pride ourselves on being a springboard to individuals looking to kickstart their careers in the B2B Tech Industry.


Over 700 employees have been through the Operatix Academy and dozens of them now occupy important Sales & Marketing positions in renowned B2B SaaS vendors.

Where our Alumni are Now:

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Starting a career in IT Sales as an SDR gives a great perspective into the future. Sales Development Reps play a fundamental role in generating pipeline & sales, making a real impact in companies’ revenues.


It allows individuals to deepen their knowledge into the Value Proposition of companies, understanding personas, messaging and market positioning. It’s a role with great responsibility as SDRs are often the first point of contact that prospective customers will have with a brand.

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