Today’s tough market conditions aren’t an excuse for sales teams not to perform they are an opportunity to over achieve

May 4th 2012 – it looks like all change in the presidency in France and it has certainly been all change in the Local Elections in the UK today. It just goes to prove that these market conditions create an environment for change and change is good for business!!

I hear more and more about how much more difficult it is to be successful, how long it is taking to close and win business deals and how the customers are nailing people down on price more and more. I am sure in every single case what the people are saying is absolutely true, but is it because of the market conditions or because they are not fulfilling their role as well as they could be?

In my experience sales people tend not to adapt to the here and now and in todays conditions that means adapting to a tough environment, working harder and smarter than your competitors and taking advantage of the conditions rather than blaming them. After all, surely there are more and more young, talented people available to you to succeed.

There is no doubt that buyers are more considered in their decision making and that decisions are being made higher up in the organization. This in itself is an opportunity to build a relationship at the highest level and as a result win more and bigger business.

Too much lip service is paid to relationship building at the highest level but, without doubt, this is where the opportunity exists. It is down to business and sales leaders to instill the necessary training and development of their teams to fulfill this role. Unfortunately it is too often the case that management teams don’t have the patience or tools to implement a disciplined sales process that takes advantage of todays changing market conditions.

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