Generating More and Better Sales Qualified Leads

It has become increasingly obvious that the SDR (Sales Development Rep) role, as the bridge between the Demand Generation function and the sale team, is essential but more and more difficult to recruit for and even more so to retain.

The SDR is the individual with the responsibility to handle the burgeoning number of leads created by marketing and demand generation programs, qualify them and hand real sales opportunities to the sales team. It is seen as a starting position for anyone wanting a career in sales and therefore in many cases a temporary move that will lead, very quickly, to a more senior role.

In Silicon Valley this creates a number of issues for tech companies…..

  • You recognize you need to build an SDR team
  • You employ recent Graduates to fill the position(s)
  • You invest heavily in the recruitment and training process
  • Your SDRs really only want to do 6 months in the job, as they see it as a stepping stone to a sales career
  • The competition for talent is intense and if you can’t promote them, someone else will
  • Leads now come from all over the world, how do you handle opportunities in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific?
  • The Average tenure for an SDR in the Bay Area is 5 months

The alternative is to outsource to experts, who understand the Lead Qualification process intimately. The benefit of outsourcing to the right company are many:

  • No time delay in getting an SDR program up to speed
  • No recruitment process or costs
  • Minimal management resource required, whether it is a local or global program
  • No staff retention issues
  • Provision of native language skills
  • CRM and marketing automation skills already established
  • Scalable and economical compared to W2 employees

Operatix work with companies from start up to $billion + global technology companies to accelerate sales success by implementing SDR programs with longevity, THAT WORK!

Posted October 20, 2014

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