The Secrets To Hiring, Onboarding, and Maintaining Prosperous Sales People

Operatix Sales Methodology-Hiring & Training

A high turnover atmosphere often exists in sales. Because of this, hiring of sales employees has been something that has been refined and is continually being perfected at Operatix; this has been the case since the company was founded in 2012.

Operatix has developed a process and procedure that identifies those individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit, take pride in their work, have integrity, have a real desire to succeed, and who wish to build a career with the company. These qualities are important for a sales team to make a lasting impression on leads and customers, leaving them wanting to do business with the company.

Right Sales People

The competitive, go getter attitude is imperative to a sales team success. The key qualities our recruiting and executive team looks for in team members are confidence, resilience, professionalism, a team ethic, and a drive to deliver results.  At Operatix we train our people to deliver a message that will resonate and communicate business wins to ‘C’ level executives. We are able to train our teams on the excellence of our client’s technical solutions and business value proposition, however, we cannot train attitude and the desire to win, which is so important in every sales person.

It is imperative to ask yourself:

  • Is this individual competitive?
  • Do they have a go-getter attitude?
  • What motivates this individual?

At Operatix, before hiring any candidate, the hiring team wants to understand what motivates the individual.  We always have one question for our people: “What will make your boat go faster?”  This question comes from the British 5 times Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Redgrave. Each time he and his partner(s) started training for their next Olympic challenge they agreed that whatever they did for the next two years had to make their boat go faster; if it didn’t make the boat faster they didn’t do it. For our sales people it translates to, what is the “thing” that the individual wants more than anything? Whatever it is, they must have the attitude that everything they do must be to help them achieve their personal goals, whether it is financial, spiritual or material.

Training Process

As can be expected, training is something that most companies have found fundamental in the on-boarding stages of new employees. During the induction process of a new sales employee, he/she should go through training that includes: skills training (listening skills, questioning skills, telephone skills, qualification skills, objection handling skills, and closing skills), technology market training, time management, decision maker identification and solution selling training. In addition to this fundamental on-boarding training, ongoing mentoring and training sessions can make the difference between a moderately successful member of staff and one who will “smash it out of the park.”

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A start to the extensive training program should be made within the first two to three days of employment. It is fundamental to hold these training sessions for the new team member to understand the message. Operatix avoid the term “call scripts” when training its sales team.   Each call should be different and display vitality, character, be engaging and most importantly, differentiate the company from the robotic sounding people who cold call the same prospects each day. The message is translated into a “call guide”, used as a reference sheet in order to deliver value propositions to targets. Ongoing sessions should be done to increase progress of the sales team.

Operatix runs an ongoing training approach by implementing a learning management system (LMS) that allows the company to deliver exactly the same quality of training to each member of the growing team, quickly and efficiently. This is delivered in tandem with ongoing one-on-one and group sessions with key guidance from managers and colleagues. To give guidance and assistance, while being a true part of our close-knit team, managers sit amongst its sales team in an open sales floor. In addition, training is a two way process, managers can learn as much from employees as the employees do from their managers!

Long-term Motivation

Creating a dynamic and energetic atmosphere is key to maintaining a happy and a motivated environment. Employees should find their work place both fulfilling and enjoyable during work and outside of the office. Getting together for social events is one way to increase morale and employee satisfaction. Running monthly, quarterly and yearly incentive competitions where team members can win extra money, vouchers, holidays or days off by overachieving their goals is another method to maintain the high energy environment and create momentum.

Motivation and coaching is something that should be tailored and personalized to each employee, in addition to the standardized team coaching. A manager can actively gain insight into the different types of personalities that make up the team. With this insight the manager can determine how to best engage with and cultivate the inherent skills that each person possesses. Each sales team member is different, has unique strengths and motivation, the manager must feed these, individually, to maintain the energy level and success of the team.

Operatix: Client and Sales Success

Operatix, a sales acceleration company, with a history of working with B2B technology companies to implement multi-channel programs, integrate inbound response solutions, as well as verify, qualify and characterize leads for the clients to close the sale. Operatix has developed its sales methodology over years and has seen great success with its clients.

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