Press Release: Operatix Is Changing the Game for B2B Technology Sales With Fast Growth and Successful Results

SAN JOSE, CA and DALLAS, TX and FLEET, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – April 07, 2015) – At Operatix, a rapidly growing sales acceleration company, the focus is on providing customized sales programs for the specific needs of clients. Operatix services the B2B technology market to accelerate sales and to generate a higher return on marketing activities across EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and the United States. The Operatix service portfolio includes: developing ‘C’ level engagements, building and optimizing channel development, increasing pipeline generation through improved qualification, managing inbound sales response, implementing and training inside sales or BDR teams, and running account based marketing initiatives. Each program developed by Operatix, from planning and strategy to implementation and execution, is tailored to meet the individual growth goals and objectives of the client, whether it is growing pipeline, perfecting channel performance, increasing revenue, opening into a new territory and/or improving gross margins.

The fast growth of Operatix directly correlates with the success of its clients. Operatix has profound knowledge in the inside sales process, the local markets, and the technology industry. This expertise has given the company the ability to provide sales results for its clients, from start-ups to well established enterprises, such as Hexis, Elastic, Rackspace, Becrypt, EVault (a Seagate Company), and Venafi.

With a typical new client, Operatix begins its relationships with a 3-month to 6-month pilot program. The programs are customized to the clients’ needs and usually cover increasing qualified pipeline generation, expanding into new markets, and accelerating channel productivity or development. Our pilot programs have a record of consistently meet and exceed client objective in 95% of the cases in 2013 and 2014. Many of the times, the success of the client’s pilot programs with Operatix has resulted in the extension of the sales partnerships into long-term agreements and new territories.

Recent Customer Stories:
Elastic, a fast expanding open source technology company, and Operatix are currently running a global sales program in EMEA and the United States. Operatix is qualifying leads as well as investing time with the Elastic sales representative developing relationships and handing off opportunities to the sales team. This program has result in the identification of 280 qualified opportunities in 5 months with 62% of opportunities progressing through the full sales cycle. With a cold start to the program, Operatix has successful created an excess of $2.5 million in qualified pipeline in 5 months and has provided an excess of $200k in closed sales in 4 months.

Another valued customer, Becrypt, a provider of enterprise data protection solutions, contacted Operatix to assist its team as it entered into the United States market. Operatix and Becrypt built a relationship that would ensure that Becrypt could focus on its growth without losing focus on its domestic market in the United Kingdom. The Operatix team developed a 2-teir cost effective channel program and managed the day-to-day execution of the program including: recruiting of distributors, identifying the right resellers, training resellers on the sales and technology, and managing the responsibility of achieving revenue targets. The program was a great success with a sales run rate that exceeds $1 million within 12 months.

One of Operatix’s newest clients, Rackspace, a cloud management company, came to Operatix to grow its presence in mid-market ($100k-$1.5B) companies. Operatix and Rackspace began with a pilot program that included database development, opportunity and appointment setting, and nurturing. The pilot program is in its infancy, but already has reached monthly objectives and has a 100% run rate. The success of this pilot program has led to an ongoing relationship and additional programs in the planning stages to improve and grow channel management at Rackspace.

Operatix’s Growth:
Operatix has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding its client goals and achieving strong and lasting relationship with these clients. The ability to provide and exceed objectives has strengthened the company and prepared it for the rapid growth it is seeing in 2015. This growth trend is a steady uphill curve as new programs arise with program extensions such as Hexis and Venafi and new clients begin pilot programs such as EVault (a Seagate Company), Threatmetrix and Moki.

This has been an exciting time at Operatix. Within the last year Operatix has opened offices in San Jose, CA and Dallas, TX, and has grown its workforce by 54%. The company is looking forward to continued rapid growth as it continues to nurture its existing clients as well as developing new relationships and providing its services to new business.

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Posted April 7, 2015

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