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In a competitive industry like technology every qualified lead counts. This guide will help you maximise conversion from lead to pipeline, increasing both your revenue and ROI on marketing.

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Our CEO Aurelien Mottier has created a step-by-step guide for effective inbound response management to help sales and marketing leaders improve how their teams respond, nurture and convert inbound leads. Operatix has helped many of Silicon Valley's leading technology companies improve their inbound sales management efforts and maximise their pipeline generation. Here's how we helped Fidelis, a leading cybersecurity company to increase sales results across 3 different regions:

Who is Fidelis?

Fidelis is a Cybersecurity company headquartered in the US that provides the industry’s only integrated, automated network and endpoint detection and response platform.

The Challenges

The vendor needed a partner that understood the challenges of working with a high-end technology ‘start-up’ in a highly competitive sector

The client was looking for a company with a proven track record in both following up on inbound inquiries as well as identifying and contacting new personas within specific target accounts

They had a requirement to work with a flexibility partner with ability to scale up to new geographies and swap regions/languages on demand

The need for a proactive team who could work closely with both the Fidelis marketing and sales team

The Goals

Build awareness and educate new accounts about Fidelis, its products and services

Understand the customer’s requirements and giving them compelling reasons to engage with Fidelis across both Network + Endpoint solutions

Support for the regional sales teams to develop their pipeline by targeting and profiling specific accounts

Work alongside the Fidelis’ sales and marketing teams to nurture long-term opportunities on an account basis.

The Solutions

Operatix provided a flexible team that evolved with the changing requirements from Fidelis to follow-up inbound inquiries in core regions across EMEA and Middle East

Account mapping and profiling enabled Operatix to qualify contacts generated that were then passed to sales for immediate follow up

Regular reporting and result analysis to drive maximum new meetings to provide sales pipeline growth.

The Results

Fidelis is running its 5th consecutive program with Operatix, across 3 different regions (UK, DACH, Middle East)

Operatix overachieved their set target in 16 months out of 18

The team at Operatix were instrumental in building a firm foundation for sales and marketing success in EMEA

“The Operatix team is doing an excellent job in supporting our Sales and Marketing team in achieving their targets. The lead generation process is vital for Fidelis to accelerate our sales cycles and win more business and this is the reason why we choose a company like Operatix that we can rely on.”  

Maggie Fonseca  - EMEA Marketing Director - Fidelis


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