The Differences between the distribution model in North America and Europe


Every Software Vendor headquartered in North America wants to expand. Or at least, every Technology vendor in North America should want to expand.

Most businesses start their lives by establishing a home market, and eventually, set their sights on expanding globally.

But with global expansion comes a whole new set of challenges. When a US vendor looks at the challenges of expanding globally, they need a partner that understands the many nuances of global expansion and that can act as their proxy when they go into their global adventure.

Barrie Desmond, the Chief Operations Officer from Exclusive Networks, was kind enough to drop by recently and shed some light on the way that Software vendors in the North America market can adapt and adjust to the many changing distribution landscapes.


North America Distribution

The distribution model in North America is historically different from around the world as it’s seen more like a credit shield i.e. it works as a fulfillment transactional model. Vendors in the US often don’t use the full potential of a distribuitor as they have historically done it all themselves.

Outsourcing services such as pre-sales, demonstrations, go to market strategy, sales lead detection, on-site support training, engineering services and other added-value services can help vendors to rapidly scale into new territories or in different sectors of the market where they feel they are underrepresented in.

Exclusive Networks mission is to find the vendors’ pain points and identify how they can help them with Value added services, so the vendors can focus their time and efforts in developing their products, which ultimately is their core business.

When expanding out of your market, the further away from that market you go, the more value-based services that you want to get from a distribuitor like Executive Networks.

What is the Appetite for the Reseller?

There has to be a US appetite for change in the distribution model. The cyber security & cloud transformation market is incredibly complicated. Hiring an agency to act as a proxy might be something that a company is far more likely to consider given the volatility of the market.

Many vendors and resellers can’t keep up with the speed at which technology changes, and that is where a distribution agency comes in.

The time is right for this provocative model. Hopefully, every company can realize that maybe there is a different way than what they’ve been doing.

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