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Engaging with decision-makers at the C-level can be hard, but if done right it can accelerate your sales cycle and increase your average deal value.

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Operatix has created the ultimate guide to help sales leaders to improve how their teams prospect and engage with prospects at the C-level. We've helped many of leading technology companies to develop opportunities with C-level customers. Here's how we helped a leading B2B Security Software Company.

Who is Malwarebytes:

Malwarebytes provides software designed to protect consumers and businesses against malicious threats that consistently escape detection by other antivirus solutions. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, the company’s flagship product, employs a highly advanced behaviour-based detection engine that has removed more than five billion malicious threats from computers worldwide. More than 50,000 SMBs and enterprise businesses worldwide trust Malwarebytes to protect their data. Founded in 2008, the self-funded company is headquartered in California, operates offices in Europe, and employs a global team of researchers and experts.

Their Challenges

01.After establishing our European Headquarters in early 2015 our focus was on the UK market, starting from scratch with limited/no contact database and an inside sales team that was in need to get access to more pipeline in order to reach their sales targets.

02.While building up our operations we wanted to hit the road running and needed a partner that could start quickly (ie using a proven methodology, in a space that they understand), drive brand awareness and generate demand in the mid-market segment.

Their Goals

01.Reach out to Heads of IT-Security and IT-Managers to introduce them to Malwarebytes’ Business offerings

02.Set appointments for the Malwarebytes sales team to develop sales opportunities further with product demos via WebEx

Our Solution

01.Operatix set appointments with the appropriate IT decision makers and budget holders in various verticals from Manufacturing to Education.

02.All prospects were pre-qualified and briefed with what to expect from a WebEx with the Malwarebytes Sales team,

03.Operatix team provided the Sales Account Managers with very detailed reports on the prospects’ context, the pain points currently faced by the prospect’s IT-team and any further useful background information discussed during the call.

04.Operatix provided the Sales team with weekly updates on productivity and “voice of the customer”, so we could identify together routes for improvement and maximise our return on investment.

The Results

The results for 6-month program were:

01.Within 6 months Operatix provided Malwarebytes in excess of 300 Sales qualified leads (SQLs), exceeding expectations.

02.The overall active Pipeline generated through Operatix leads is in excess of $2.5 Million USD.


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