Operatix-sales acceleration


The Company


A dynamic, innovative vendor in the endpoint security space that is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity. The Israeli vendor has been working with Operatix to develop brand awareness and accelerate Enterprise market penetration in North America.


The Challenges


The vendor was coming to market with an extremely innovative product and needed support in creating urgency at the right level in their target accounts.

The client needed a partner to support them to penetrate an established and saturated market.

 The client didn’t have the capacity to build up an inside sales team and required a partner with the ability to quickly scale and deliver results.

 The company had a focus on target accounts across both mid-market and enterprise in North America.

They had a need for a partner that understands the concept of Account- based and persona-based selling with the ability to articulate the value proposition at both the ‘C’ level and at a more operational level.


The Goals


 Increase brand awareness

Identify high-value opportunities with target prospects from a cold start by articulating the value proposition using a multi-touch, multi-channel approach.

Increase the ROI of marketing activities by quickly engaging with Marketing Qualified Leads to qualify and convert in Sales Accepted Leads for client’s sales team.


The Solutions


 The Operatix research methodology was used to identify the relevant target -personas across various departments and line of business

 The Operatix team was responsible for delivering an agreed monthly number of qualified sales engagements with both IT and line of business in enterprise and mid-market companies across USA

 Messages to influence both ‘C’ level and technical personas were developed to articulate in their context

 Developed a strict multi-touch process to ensure that all MQL’s were followed up on effectively and diligently

The Operatix team worked closely with the Client’s Sales Team providing ongoing visibility and analysis of activities, interaction with prospects and pipeline generated.


The Results


 Operatix quickly scaled and achieved results in excess of the agreed SAL during the pilot program

 The team were able to quickly apply the Operatix methodology to the Client’s value proposition resulting in a message that gained resonance at both the ‘C’ level and more operational level

 The meeting sat rate was 7 times higher than the previous agency provided.