Beating Sales Quota from the Get Go

Getting a running start on your January sales activities will result in at least 20% higher performance level for 2016.

It’s January 15th, by tomorrow 4% of the year will have passed, yet the majority of technology sales people out there still have 100% of their quota to achieve. In other words they are behind the game already and will most likely be playing catch up for the rest of the quarter, and for the rest of the year.

As we progress through the quarters in 2016 the impact on fiscal performance in the current year becomes increasingly diluted. As a result, many technology companies are spending this years’ budget to impact next year’s performance when, with adequate planning, the pipeline would be full from the first quarter onwards.

The new opportunities created in the Q1 have a direct impact on this year’s sales and revenue numbers, therefore, inside sales, field sales and demand generation teams should be doubling their lead generation and business development efforts during this time. To avoid the “dead time” that follows the arrival of a new year, sales, marketing and demand generation teams should be “in synch” with their short, medium and long term goals and be executing the necessary outbound and inbound programs that will drive results. With the right sales application opportunities the sales team will close more deals quickly and without discounting.

Operatix is the leading company, covering Europe and North America, for delivering results early, making sales teams and channels productive quickly, and engaging with decision makers and partners on qualified opportunities from the start. We work with technology sales, marketing and demand generation teams in some of the world’s largest tech companies to ensure delivery ahead of plan in calendar Q1.

Operatix integrates into digital and creative marketing campaigns for many customers, usually doubling the results through our qualification methodology, business intelligence, and speed of response. We execute ‘C’ level engagement programs for companies with high value solutions and complex sales processes. The company also implements proactive project identification for mature solutions in replacement markets. Find out more by visiting, or call our offices in North America or Europe on +1 (408) 332 5796 or +44 1252 624150

Posted January 15, 2015

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